Carry Kindness

At ILNI, we craft more than just handbags; we create enduring symbols of elegance and compassion. We envision a world where your choices reflect not just your style, but your values—a world where elegance and ethics dance in harmonious splendour. Our mission is to create heirlooms, not just accessories; to champion the art of Italian craftsmanship while nurturing the planet and all its inhabitants. We’re committed to a legacy of kindness, quality, and social responsibility, offering you not just a product, but a philosophy to carry with you.
“As a company we prefer to be small and singular. In our own specific way, we strive to change the world towards a more elegant and kinder place. For all.”



Our bags make a statement not only in their beauty and elegance,
but also in their contribution to a cleaner and more wholesome world.

– We produce for quality and longevity
– We care about animal and people welfare
– We pay attention to Social & Environmental issues

Feel good materials

We make our custom bags in our cozy Italian studio. Our expert craftsmen use only top-quality vegan materials to create truly elegant, handcrafted bags. These aren’t just beautiful accessories; they’re also a sign of a more sustainable future.


We’ve carefully chosen to mainly use grape leather and other eco-friendly fabrics from Milan for our custom bags. Grape leather is an amazing vegan option made from leftover grape skins from winemaking. Mixed with plant oils and natural fibers, it’s spread on organic cotton and a layer of PU. We also offer refined velvet and faux silk options, along with a range of beautiful linings, all picked to make our handbags truly timeless and elegant.

Lab-grown Diamonds

For our special ‘Made to Order’ custom bags, we go all out on the details. Take the eye-catching silver Lazuli Kingfisher pendant, for example. It features a lab-grown diamond that’s both high-quality and eco-friendly, certified by the respected International Gemological Institute. These diamonds are grown in labs that mimic natural conditions but use way fewer resources than traditional mining. It’s like growing a tree in a greenhouse instead of taking it from a forest. You can be sure these diamonds are as real as any, but they’re better for the planet.