ILNI redefines elegance by making a luxurious, Italian-made handbag that carries your essentials wherever you go. We believe elegance is more than just about external beauty; it is a reflection of inner beauty, a person who shows mindfulness and compassion. Our handbags represent all of this while showing respect and solace to all creatures.

  1. We are committed to creating luxury handbags that combine Italian craftsmanship with classic, timeless designs and high-quality leather-free materials.
  2. We want a world where there is an equal alternative to luxury items, that ensures no animal is harmed or killed in the process.
  3. With every handbag we want to deliver a message: in a world where we can be anything, let’s be elegant and kind.

An ILNI handbag is an ethical fashion choice, one that shows off your elegance and that reflects your compassion towards the planet and all those living in it. We want you to stay who you are while carrying what’s important with you.

Let’s be elegant and kind