Carry Kindness

IILNI crafts custom handbags in the heart of Italy, with grape-leather being our favourite choice. 

But we offer more than just a stylish bag; we offer a way of life. At ILNI, kindness and sustainability are woven into every stitch, creating bags that are as good for people as they are for the planet. Each creation is a step towards a more beautiful, sustainable world, allowing you to carry a piece of that vision with you every day.


the Augustina – Red velvet
Signature model
the Augustina – Pink
Signature model
the Augustina – Ecru
Introduction model

Mastery of design

Italian craftmanship

Our custom-made bags are lovingly handcrafted in our Italian studios by a team of skilled artisans. Using premium vegan materials, we guarantee not only high-quality handbags but also ethical and sustainable practices.


for you

At ILNI, we’re passionate about celebrating your unique style. That’s why we focus on creating handbags that are as individual as you are. Committed to sustainability, we produce limited editions to reduce waste, space, and energy. Your new fashion companion is expertly handcrafted by skilled Italian artisans and tailored to your specific tastes, offering you an exclusive and refined accessory.

We show utmost respect to our planet and its living beings, creating a better world with warmth and friendliness in our collaborations

Our skilled artisans labour with utmost care, using only the finest vegan materials of the highest quality.