Do’s and Don’ts on Valentine’s Day – Our Guide to Modern Valentine’s Day Etiquette

Valentine’s Day is one of those days you either love or hate. A potent mixture of commercialism and romance that can make some people feel great and leave others feeling awkward or left out. Yet, if we all can embrace some good old-fashioned fun and kindness, this day can be a special day for spreading a little thoughtfulness and appreciation. Here are our do’s and don’ts for a modern Valentine’s Day.



Be Generous

Use the day to spread kindness especially with those you spend most of your days with, your co-workers. All co-workers love sweets and chocolates so bring in enough for everyone and be a Valentine’s Day superstar. Make it a day of good clean fun that makes everyone feel good and does not embarrass or make anyone feel awkward.

Get some international inspiration

In Japan Valentine’s Day is the day women buy chocolate for every man in their life, their fathers, brothers, co-workers, friends, boyfriends and bosses. They even have different types of chocolate for the different relationships. And don’t worry if this seems one-sided, one month later on White Day, all the men buy white chocolate for all the women in their lives! What a great way to spread appreciation and chocolate!

Be A Secret Admirer

Denmark and Norway have a charming custom on Valentines Day. Women receive funny anonymous rhyming poems from secret admirers. The poem contains a small clue to the writer’s identity for the women to guess who it is from.

Make it about friends

Finland and Estonia have embraced Valentine’s Day as Friend’s Day and celebrate all friendships on this day. This is a great idea for ensuring everyone is included in the day. So why not plan a group night out with all your friends.


Think of those who have lost someone

Valentine’s day can be a sad and lonely day for those who have lost a loved one. A small note or phone call can make someone’s day and is especially nice on Valentine’s Day.




Don’t make anyone feel awkward. If you do receive a bunch of flowers or gift at work, keep it discrete. Yes, display on your desk, but don’t parade it around the office.

PDA at work

And if you are involved with someone at work, Valentine’s Day is not a free day for over the top PDA. Keep it professional and everyone will thank you.

Declare Undying Love

Despite what we may have seen in movies, Valentine’s Day is not the day to declare your undying love for some unsuspecting soul. Play it cool with an anonymous card, a single flower on a desk, or a small box of chocolates. Please leave the balloons, large bouquets of flowers and other grand gestures for when you are a couple.

Have a First Date

Valentine’s Day is not the day for a first date. Not even a coffee date. It is too hyped and places too much pressure on a first meeting.

And finally, don’t forget Valentine’s Day is only one day of the year. Sharing kindness and appreciation should be something we practice every day of the year. Valentine’s day is just an excuse to indulge in a little romantic fun and extra chocolate, so enjoy it!