Nine Ways To Finish This Year On A High And Make Next Year Even Better

The end of the year is just around the corner, with only around six weeks until we ring in the new year. Now is the perfect time for that one last push towards your yearly goals, and to set yourself on the path for a great start to the new year. We have come up with nine top tips that will ensure you finish this year on a high. 

1. Do Less

As counter-intuitive as this sounds, doing less is all about getting the important things done and leaving the not so important tasks for another day. We all get a little frantic at this time of year and tend to rush around doing a million things every day. Take your daily to-do list and cut it in half by moving as many items as possible to another day or removing them altogether. Less is more if you want to focus on nailing those goals before December 31st.

2. Get Outside

Even though it is cold outside, getting out in the fresh air for a short walk can have a significant effect on your mood and happiness levels. When your happiness levels are high, your productivity levels also get a boost 

3. Turn on Some Tunes

Music is magical for improving our energy levels. Update your playlists with some feel-good music that will get you in the mood to check off those last few goals and get grooving on it.

4. Write it down

Write down the most important goal you plan to achieve before the end of this year. Put it in a prominent place and remind yourself daily to put the action in towards achieving this goal. Make sure the note to yourself is somewhere you will spot it many times over the day, such as inside your phone case or on the corner of your computer screen. The key is to remind yourself to keep taking action towards the goal consistently.

5. Hydrate

Most of us forget to drink enough water throughout the day, but our bodies and minds need water to perform at optimum levels. Get in the habit of sipping on water throughout the day and help your mind and body operate at their full potential.

6. Pick Up A Book

Even just 10 – 20 minutes of reading keeps your mind fit. And, giving our eyes a break from a screen sometimes is essential. So, relax with a book and get lost in a story or learn something new 

7. Stop Multitasking 

Focus on one task at a time. When we juggle multiple tasks, we make more mistakes and decrease our productivity. Rather than responding all day to messages and emails, create set times of the day when you can focus on responding to emails. Dedicate periods of uninterrupted time to allow yourself to be fully engaged in more complex tasks.

8. Strategic Downtime

Our brains operate better when they are rested and not stressed. We make better decisions, and we think more clearly when we have had a small break. Set aside times throughout the day when you can give yourself a complete break from work or thinking about work, even for twenty minutes. Your brain will thank you for the downtime, and you will be amazed at how much smoother your day feels.

9. Learn To Distance Yourself

Stuff happens. Life is full of frustrations, detours, and annoying challenges. Keeping your focus on your goals even when you feel frustrated requires distancing tactics. The most straightforward distancing tactic is to ask yourself ‘Is this going to matter to me in a year?’. Shift your thinking to the big picture, and don’t get caught up on the small stuff. You will be amazed by how many frustrating distractions disappear using this simple question.

Keep The Important Stuff In Mind

Along with these nine tips for finishing this year strong, we wanted to add the essential ingredient for having a great year every year. Spend your time with those you love. Make the special people in your life the priority by sharing, talking, engaging, and bonding together. Nothing could be more important than this. 

Happiness Never Decreases By Being Shared

– Buddha