Think Global, Start Local – How To Support Environmental Movements Right Where You Are

Often when we think about taking action on the current environmental crisis we face on this planet, we only think big. We think of the large global movements; cleaning plastic from the oceans, lobbying our governments to follow international climate accords or persuading companies to switch to environmentally-friendly practices. In focusing on global action, we sometimes overlook the incredible environmental movements which operate locally. These grass-roots volunteer organisations are making a difference in smaller, but no less important ways.

This week we wanted to focus on ways to support our local community organisations. We want to highlight some of the easiest ways you can immediately connect with organisations working to impact our planet for the better. 

Get In The Know

Do a search for any environmental groups and organisations in your local area. There are likely to be many fantastic groups doing their small part for the planet that you haven’t even heard of yet. Seek them out and find out more about what they do and how you can support them.

Be Their Fan

Now you have found some great organisations working locally, follow them on social media. Like and share their posts and help others find them too. Sign up to get their updates and encourage others in your town to do the same. 

Get Together

Make an effort to go to some of the events or classes arranged by these organisations. You might learn something new, meet some new people and at the same time feel great about supporting an organization doing good for our environment. It is a bonus for the organisation if you can also encourage others to join you. Turn up to their events with a team from your company or as a neighbourhood group and really show your support for what they are doing. 

Use Them

Well actually, use their services. Many fantastic local environmental movements have some excellent services they offer to the community such as repair cafes, toy libraries, community gardens, and much more. Support them by making use of the services they offer. 


Most local organisations rely on the generosity of others to survive. One of the best ways you can support is to donate regularly to help them cover their costs.

Donate in Kind

Donations don’t have to be only in money. Many local organisations operate with the essential help of volunteers or by donations of food, clothing or furniture. 

Add Your Voice To Their Message

Help your local environmental movement in getting their message out. You can offer to help canvas the streets, organise events, write letters to politicians or design a website for them. Be part of their efforts to change government policy, company or individual behaviour by lending your skills and voice to their cause. 

Share Your Ideas

Don’t be shy in offering new ideas to organisations working in your local area. Perhaps you have an excellent idea for a local cleanup or a tree planting day. Or maybe you can offer to coach volunteers in a skill that you have expertise in. 

Together We Can Do More

Get your neighbours, friends and coworkers to join in supporting local environmental movements by becoming members or regular donors. If there is no group in your local area focusing on an issue you feel strongly about, start one. Get a few like-minded individuals together to do something good for the environment. You can start small with a local cleanup, a small community garden plot or even hosting a class on an eco-friendly topic. Get active and encourage others to join you.  

Kindness to our planet needs to happen at every level; globally and locally. We hope that we will open our minds and hearts and support anyone who is working to make a difference, whether they are trying to change the entire world or just a small part of it. 

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

– Helen Keller