The 5 Sustainable Fashion Trends Moving The Fashion World Forward

Out with leather, in with grape and mushroom leathers

The fashion industry is waking up to the need for kindness; to our environment and to all that live on our planet. Many forward-thinking brands and manufacturers are turning away from materials made from animals or plastics. They are exploring the idea of replacing leather entirely with  sustainable bio-based leathers made from grape waste or mushrooms. The best part is that these alt-leathers are made from renewable, fast-growing plants and repurposed food waste. It’s a win for fashion and our planet.

Welcome back to the classics

Consumers are increasingly turning to timeless, classic styles that never go out of fashion. They want simple, elegant, well-made items that they can use for many years. As a result, there is a sharp move away from trend-driven fast fashion that has dominated for too long. We see more brands bringing back classic styles, capsule wardrobes and items that are made to last. And we love it!

Dyeing By Bacteria

Commercial dyeing of fabric has many eco-destructive results; high levels of harsh chemicals, large amounts of water waste, damaged ecosystems, and polluted waterways. But now, the humble bacteria is changing the process with a new technique catching the interest of brands looking for ways to clean up their dyeing practises. This bacteria-based technology replicates the DNA codes of pigments found in nature, creating beautiful colours with zero harmful chemicals and less waste. Who knew bacteria could be so fashionable!


Made For You

We are noticing a steady move towards made-on-demand fashion. This corresponds with a steady decline in the popularity of the fast-fashion model ‘one fits all’ and its by-product of excess stock that usually ends up in a landfill. Body scanning technologies and personal avatars are helping brands change how they make fashion. We expect to see more brands offer individual made-to-fit items instead of producing racks of standardized sizes and styles. The made-for-you model digitalizes the process chain from design to production, reducing waste and creating a win-win situation for individual style and the planet.

Metaverse Styles

Time to buy a virtual outfit? It might soon be. As virtual spaces become part of our daily lives, brands are already creating virtual fashion for the Metaverse. Virtual fashion offers an exciting way to experience new styles without the environmental costs; no waste, harmful chemicals, and no animals harmed. Finally, we can all join in the #OOTD (outfit of the day) culture virtually without worrying about our environmental impact. And, if you like the look of your avatar in an outfit, you can buy it in real life too.

What excites us most about these sustainable fashion trends, is they represent a forward momentum towards sustainable practises becoming the expected norm for all brands. We look forward to the day when sustainable fashion is simply fashion.


“Good design is sustainable design.”

– Imran Amed, fashion expert, founder, CEO, and editor-in-chief of The Business of Fashion