11 Sustainable Living Blogs to Inspire You This Autumn

As the season changes and the weather gets cooler, it’s the perfect time to relax somewhere cosy to spend time reading and being inspired. Here at ILNI we love to follow the blogs of influencers who are making a mark on the world in a good way. This week we wanted to highlight some more of our favourite blogs that inspire us.

Going Zero Waste

Filled with inspiring ideas, fantastic recommendations and fashionable fun, this blog is one we love to follow. With sections on zero waste living, zero waste travel, minimal wardrobe inspirations and minimalism, you are guaranteed to find some Autumnal ideas for getting cosy, staying fashionable and saving the planet. Their Guide to sustainable and eco-friendly bedding is a wealth of information for finding the best bedding to keep you warm and cosy as we head into cooler winter nights.

Moral Fibres

Sustainable living that is hip, not hippie; Moral Fibres is about sustainable living and how it can be part of everyone’s daily life. We love Wendy’s fresh writing style that it covers all aspects of sustainable living without being preachy or judgmental. We particularly like to keep up with her weekly list of ten things to know and learn.

Melanin And Sustainable Style (MelaninASS)

We suggest you find time to deep dive into this fantastic blog that celebrates the success of communities of colour in the sustainable fashion and beauty arena. Praised as a voice for the ethnic industry this authentic and culturally relevant blog will keep you coming back for more. Filled with powerful stories of pioneers who are stylishly empowering communities and cultivating change in the fashion and beauty world. Read more about these movers and shakers in their Vanguards section and find out how you can be a part of this platform for change.

The Peahen

Created by Kasi, The Peahen is about bringing truth-telling back to fashion. Believing that clothes are a joy that can be celebrated while also ensuring the lives of those making them are enhanced, Kasi highlights stories and brands that do just that. Here you will find sustainable fashion inspiration that regenerates rather than depletes the earth. This week we are reading How Trump’s Tariffs Affect Fashion.

The Discerning Brute

Finally there is an ethical fashion blog for men. The Discerning Brute is a great blog for anyone wanting to live an ethical and enjoyable life. This month we have enjoyed learning about Mushroom Leather and reading their great post about Why Fashion Should Focus on Leather More Than Plastic if we are really worried about our environment.

Ecouterre –Green Design Will Save the World

Possibly one of the most widely read eco-conscious websites online, Ecouterre

exists to ‘follow the evolution of the apparel industry toward a more environmentally sound future, as well as facilitate a conversation about why sustainable fashion matters’ Here you will find that green fashion is more than just a passing trend. Their blog post 5 Ways to be a Responsible Fashion Consumer reminds us not to ignore the impact our fashion choices have on the environment and on society.

Fashion Hedge

This blog is one very smart lifestyle guide for Ethical fashion, sustainability and conscious lifestyle. Yarina uses her blog to highlight the latest fashions while opening the debate about what ‘ethical fashion’ is. She dives into the business of fashion and sourcing, analysing our perceptions of beauty, culture and fashion. Check out her 101 guide to What is Ethical Fashion.


The Huffington Post describes their offshoot eco blog as “the authority on sustainable style”. If you are looking for a blog that is current, news-focused and a little political then this is the blog for you. Focusing more on eco-lifestyle than fashion you will find lots of news, how-tos and sartorial commentary.

We are reading this week about Good Luxury: In Search of Style + Compassion

Live Eco

Live Eco is the eco-chic essential fashion, beauty and lifestyle guide to trending lightly. Founded by Nikki Stear, her mission is “to show people that a fashion-forward, chic lifestyle can be an eco-friendly one too. It’s possible to be smart, sexy and sustainable!”. This week we are intrigued by her post about the new health beverage golden milk Golden Milk, the New Health Beverage

Every Steph

Italian lifestyle blogger, Steph brings us this glamorous green lifestyle and travel blog where “Green is the new black”. Redefining an eco-traveller as someone who understands that sustainable travel can easily go hand in hand with a touch of luxury. We love this idea of combining a little glamour with an eco-friendly lifestyle. Her post on the Top Ecotourism Destinations in the World has us adding many more places to our must-visit list.


Eco Traveller Guide

 Irish traveller Linda has been running this blog since 2011 and has turned it into the go-to guide for ecotourism and responsible travel. She offers tips and inspirations for those of us looking for new ideas and new ways to travel. Her latest post, Classic Culinary Train Journeys , has us wanting to jump on board immediately!

We hope you have enjoyed exploring our recommendations and have discovered some new blogs to follow with some inspiring posts to read over the coming cooler months.

In a world where we can be anything, let’s be elegant and kind.