Spelling Out Why I Love Ethical Fashion

The Ethical fashion movement combines two of my favourite things, fashion and compassion for our world.  This wonderful movement is steadily growing and changing the buying habits of consumers worldwide. Lets look more closely at the reasons I am a dedicated follower of this movement.


Environmental awareness

Ethical Fashion is all about caring for our environment and I simply love that we can find ethical fashion brands that are kind to our planet and all creatures living on it. By using sustainable fabrics and avoiding harmful chemicals these brands are taking steps to reduce the human strain on our native environments. They go out of their way to ensure there is no pollution from their process contaminating local waterways or reducing air quality. Their actions to make products sustainably support a change in manufacturing processes that benefits us and our future.


Transparency in the manufacturing process

The transparency of ethical fashion is another reason I am a die-hard fan. Ethical Brands are happy to be an open book; they want us to know their stories. They openly share what happens in their process chain, giving us the buyer confidence in knowing #whomademyclothes, where they came from and what chemicals were used in the process. These brands stand for a new movement of fashion that is principled and above-board in the way they manufacture products. It is a movement against the fast fashion manufacturing giants that employ unacceptable practices; child-labour, unsafe toxic processes and animal cruelty in the making of their products. Which leads me to the next point –


Honest and fair payment to the people who make our fashion.

Ethical fashion makes it a priority to ensure the people putting in the work to make a product are being fairly compensated for their time. They create workplaces that benefit the workers and their community. Ethical fashion brands keep the process honest. They stand up for the workers, ensure they have fair labour conditions, a safe working environment and that no children work on the factory floor.  In this way Ethical brands are the change-agents we need.


Inspiring change through action

By encouraging individuals to make compassionate and informed choices about how they spend their money, this movement is, in turn, inspiring a major change in an industry that was all about cheap and disposable clothes production at any cost. Choosing to wear ethically produced fashion items is to both support ethical brands and to put pressure on non-ethical brands to change their processes. We get to demand better not more from companies producing fashion.


Classic and Compassionate fashion

The ethical fashion movement discourages filling our wardrobes with fast fashion clothes that are made to last a season. It encourages us to instead choose timeless well-made and unique classics that are created to last many seasons.


Animals matter too.

All creatures are equally important in an ethical fashion movement that does not condone any acts of cruelty in the name of fashion. Ethical Brands are choosing to use vegan materials in their products. They refuse to use animal products or by-products in any part of the manufacturing process. This is fabulous news for me, as I can know there were no innocent animals slaughtered for my fashion taste.


Lifestyle choice, not a fashion trend

This is the key point of difference I love about the ethical fashion movement. It is all about our lifestyle choices. Ethical fashion encourages us to be mindfully conscious of our impact on the world around us. It’s about thinking of others and our planet when we make purchasing decisions.



Being a follower of Ethical fashion is to consciously support brands that deplore the exploitation of people, animals and the environment for the sake of fast fashion trends. It is outwardly showing we are mindful and compassionate people who care about the impact their choices have on the world. Every time we buy from an ethical brand we are casting a vote for the kind of world we want.