Paris Is Always a Good Idea

In recent days there has been a lot of talk about the Paris Climate Accord. The United States pulling out of the agreement has ignited many conversations about the effectiveness of the accord. Conflicting statistics are being thrown around in the media and some are calling into question how much difference to the climate such an agreement really makes. Now that one of the major nations of the world has selfishly decided to pull out, does this make the Paris accord an ineffective waste of time and money? In my opinion, no, the Paris agreement will always be a worthwhile pact that should not be underestimated as a positive change for this world in more ways than climate statistics can measure.

The Paris Accord is a Step Forward

The Paris Accord is a crucial step towards curbing the output of harmful greenhouse gas emissions and by joining together on this accord, nations around the world are collectively setting intention into action. Globally agreeing to set targets, changes and moves in a common commitment that will have a dramatic impact on the current trajectory of global warming. The Paris Accord binds nations together collectively taking responsibility for our future. Stating a willingness to change our priorities towards economic growth at any cost and begin to acknowledge the warning signs our earth is exhibiting.

The Paris Accord is About Working Together

The Paris accord is and always has been about far more than reducing carbon emissions. It is about all, but three, of the nations of this world joining together to work on a problem as one. It joins together all cultures, races, religions and nations towards a common goal to reduce our impact on our planet. It is a positive example of what future collective world action could look like; nations actually working together to solve a problem that affects us all. That’s the most excitingly positive point of the Paris Accord.

Nations working collectively, not individually is the key point of the Paris Accord. By signing this agreement, countries are choosing to do what is mutually right for our planet, not just what is easy for them individually. It sends a ripple effect across the planet in setting an example of kindness towards our environment and making a confident collective step to, as President Macron so accurately stated, ‘make our planet great again’. And, that is why Paris is always a good idea.