July 2018, – But Wait, There Is More.. Our New Line

We have been working on some ideas for a new bag line the last couple of weeks. The new collection will be made of Faux Fur. As with our faux leather bags, this new line will include three different sizes and will be completely different from our first collection.

The perfect faux fur for our next collection was found a few months ago when we saw the material hanging in the meeting room of our, now, second Italian supplier. We had been meeting with two ladies from the supplier in their showroom, and while they were both out of the room gathering samples of faux leather, we browsed the three clothing racks, against the walls. All were chock full with patches of faux feather, embroidered fringing, wearable macramé, cotton, linen….AND Faux Furs which we instantly fell in love with. Each piece was labelled: Made in Italy. We were sold. We instantly knew we had to design bags with this fabulous faux fur fabric.

Our excitement and drive to get the ball rolling quickly on our new line hit a uniquely Italian snag, Ferragosto! Otherwise known as the holiday season, Ferragosto is one of the most important religious holidays in Italy and it is the time when the whole of Italy seems to close up and head to the beaches or mountains. Everyone is in holiday mode and no one is working. Not a bad thing, except when you have a brilliant new line of bags that you are dying to get started on!

Instead, we filled our schedule with media-agency meetings, mentor talks and the best of all; planning dinner evenings with family and friends!

Alla prossima – Until Next Time