The One Thing You Can Do in 2018 to Improve Your Health and the Health of the Planet

There is no way to sugar-coat this, the best thing you can do in 2018 for your health and for the future of this planet is to cut meat and animal products out of your diet. But, before you skip to another page looking for an easier topic, take a moment to let us tell you the reasons why changing your diet, might just change your life and help the planet.

For Your Health

The WHO has just listed meat as a carcinogenic. Yes, carcinogenic, as in cancer-causing agent, right alongside smoking and excessive drinking. Health professionals have come to realize that meat and particularly processed meats are not actually good for our health. Worse than that, excessive intake of these meats increases your risk of cancer, a lot.

Most people already know that too much meat is bad for them. But many don’t realize how much your body will thank you for changing to a plant-based diet. To begin with, your stomach is much happier on diet of water and fibre as opposed to one full of hard to digest muscle and sinews. It only takes a few days for you to notice the increased energy you will have when cutting animal products from your diet. And should I mention, the weight loss that usually goes along with a switch to whole foods? There is a long list of reasons to change your diet for the benefit of your health; reduces inflammation, lowers your cholesterol levels, reduces chances of getting stage 2 diabetes and many more.

For Our Sustainability

Changing to a plant-based diet is the way of the future. With more than 7.6 billion people on this planet, we just cannot go on eating animals at the rate we do. Current US consumption levels estimate that the average American will eat 7000 animals in their lifetime. That is an insane amount of meat and billions of us eating meat at that rate is going to cause a lot of problems. Our diet of meat already contributes to hunger crises in other parts of the world. This is happening as the majority of crops being grown around the world are now for feeding animals rather than humans. By being part of the change to plant-based diets, we are stepping towards a future where we can try harder to feed everyone on this planet in a way that is sustainable.

For Our Environment

Meat production is the leading cause of CO2 emissions on our warming planet. One kilo of meat produced creates the same amount of greenhouse gases as a 3-hour car ride. Meat production is the biggest consumer of water and land in the world and the demand for more is expanding each year. The need for more land to feed animals has caused the deforestation of some of the most important oxygen producing forests on our planet and is the reason for the extinction of many species who lived in these biodiverse ancient forests. Reducing our global demand for meat is one large step towards reversing some of the damage we have made to this planet.

For the Animals

Eating meat and animal products is not just bad for us; it is also bad for the animals. Yes, I am stating the obvious, but somehow we seem to have overlooked that animals are beings that also feel suffering. Many people give up meat simply due to the mistreatment of animals in process of producing food for our plates. Animals raised for food production suffer throughout a process that sees them only as products for consumption. Abuse of animals in this process is also more common than you think, and downright inhumane practices happen daily. If you need more evidence of this I suggest you have a look at one of the many documentaries on the subject. The documentary Cowspiracy might just be the tipping point you need to forever remove meat from your plate.

For Our Common Good  

Changing to a plant-based diet is one of the best choices you can make for your health and for the future of our planet. More than this it is a choice to live a more compassionate life. It starts by becoming more aware of how our choices affect ourselves, the planet and all those we share it with. This shift towards conscious compassion for our planet and all those on it is the most important and impacting change one can make. And it is one I hope you will consider as we head into 2018.