How to Travel in Style

In the golden age of travel, taking an international flight was an event one dressed up for. International travel was seen as a romantic journey, but these days the art of travelling with style seems to have been lost. People queue for flights in sweatpants and sneakers with shabby falling apart bags and suitcases. It seems we have forgotten how to travel in style.

I prefer to travel, the same way I live my life, with style and elegance. In my opinion travelling with style is about noticing and taking care of the little details. The things most people overlook or take no care in. It is easy to stand out as an elegant traveller with just a little more effort.

Our Tips for Travelling in Style

Here is my list of the details that can add that extra class to your travelling style.

  1. Dress comfortably, but classy. Leave anything made from stretch sweatshirt material for the gym. Please do not wear leggings. A maxi skirt or wide-legged pants and a blouse are examples of comfortable but stylish outfits. Try to avoid outfits that will require a belt, as it can be very inelegant to remove for security.
  2. Wear good shoes that are elegant, comfortable and clean. A beautiful pair of slip-on flats will get you through the airport hustle and bustle while still looking calm and collected.
  3. Elegantly layer. Bring a comfortable wrap or pashmina for the plane. It can get cold especially overnight and you will be glad to be stylishly wrapped in comfort rather than in a scratchy airline blanket.
  4. Wear minimal jewellery; remember you will have to remove it multiple times for security scanning.
  5. Use great quality luggage that is well looked after. Leave the beat-up well-travelled suitcases look to the backpackers and journalists.
  6. Use a classic well-designed handbag. Choosing the right handbag for travel is important. It should be unfussy, without extra bells and whistles that could be caught when going through an x-ray machine. Your handbag needs to be of a good size with pockets for your passport, tablet, phone and other essentials. Extra tip, keep it cleaned out. Nothing is worse than having to rummage through a messy bag to find your passport or sunglasses.
  7. Bring your best sunglasses and case. These are essential for walking out into the arrival hall to scan the crowd for your ride. We all look a little blurry eyed after a long haul flight and sunglasses will give you a layer of privacy when confronted with the waiting crowd outside the arrival hall.
  8. Bring an airline approved carry-on bag. Preferable with multi-directional wheels for easy gliding along long passages in airport terminals. Don’t overfill it, just keep the essentials like laptop, jacket, a change of clothes and necessary toiletry and makeup bag in it.
  9. A change of clothes. Inside you carry on have a carefully folded outfit to change into prior to landing. Changing into a fresh shirt or dress at the end of a long haul flight means you can arrive un-crumpled and fresh looking, even if all you want to do is find the first shower to wash off that airplane smell.
  10. Eye drops. A couple of drops throughout the flight will help wonders for keeping your eyes fresh and avoiding the red-eye look on arrival.
  11. A small case of essential makeup to refresh before landing. Also bring a small amount of makeup remover or a moist remover towel, as it is essential to remove your old makeup and start afresh. Don’t just put new makeup on top of the old at the end of a flight unless you like the caked cracked makeup look.

With these simple tips, you will look and feel classier than the average traveller. Enjoy your flight and stay elegant.