Words of Gratitude For Mother’s Day

As Mother’s day approaches we at ILNI wanted to take some time to show our gratitude to our Mothers, Grandmothers, aunts, sisters and mother-figures who have raised us. These special people are the ones who have helped shape us into who we are. They are the ones who have shared their wisdom with us. And, they are the ones who have loved us unconditionally since the beginning. 

From ILNI to these special women. We are so grateful that: 

You taught me that we should respect each and every individual we come across. 


You taught me there is no solution through conflict. If we want to find the solution, we shouldn’t push towards conflict but look for the way forward through communication.


You showed me what it means to be untiringly available. You were always available to give me time and attention when I needed it most.


You showed me what unconditional love means. You loved me through my best and my worst and taught me to do the same for others.


You taught me good actions always mean more than words. And showed me how to give with kindness and compassion to those in need.

You taught me how important it is to appreciate the finer things in this life. Life is full of beauty if we know how to see it.


You showed me the importance of family time around the table at every evening meal; taking time to talk and listen to each other every day. 

We hope our gratitude thoughts encourage you to share your own with that special person who has loved you from your beginning. This Mother’s day take a moment to show that gratitude in action by doing something thoughtful for your mother or special person in your life. As my mother taught me, we should always find time to show others how much they mean to us. 

‘Call your mother.

Tell her you love her.  

Remember, you’re the only person who knows what her heart sounds like from the inside’

Rachel Wolchin