Our Eco-Bucket List For A Greener 2020

Now is the best time to start the new year off with some excellent, good for the planet, intentions. We have eleven ideas to help you get started on an eco-bucket list for 2020.

1. Ditch the one-use plastic

Now is the time to go all out and load up on reusable shopping bags, reusable takeaway coffee cups, paper straws and more. Every piece of plastic you avoid using is one less piece of plastic polluting our planet.

2. Take the train

Whenever you can, book a train ride instead of a plane this year. Not only are you saving the planet from more unnecessary carbon emissions, but you also get to explore the world from a different perceptive out the window of a train. 

3. Build a sustainable wardrobe

Give yourself a new look this year by investing in a sustainable new look. Choose ethically made clothes from brands you trust. By ditching the fast fashion pieces for clothes that are made to last, and are made with minimal impact on our planet, you can look great and feel great about your choice. 

4. March for the Climate

Join a climate march this year and make a stand for the future of our planet.  

5. Switch to renewable energy

Consider changing your energy supplier to one that provides green energy from renewable sources. Alternatively, investigate the option to install solar panels and produce your own electricity from our ultimate renewable resource – the sun. 

6. Get on your bike

Make it a goal on your eco-bucket list to walk or bike to any destination within a few miles/kilometres from your home. Not only is this better for the local environment, but it is also fantastic for your health. 

7. Grow a garden for the bees

Bees are crucial pollinators who are having a hard time surviving in our changing world. Help them out and encourage them into your garden by avoiding the use of pesticides, having water available in the garden, and keeping plants such as lavender, honeysuckle and foxgloves.

8. Learn how to cook fantastic vegan or vegetarian dishes

By removing meat from some of your meals, you can reduce your environmental footprint by a significant amount. Try out some new recipes, invite some friends over and enjoy a change!

9. Start buying local and organic produce

Find out where to buy produce from local growers, by visiting their farm or their stall at a farmer’s market. Learn more about what fruit and vegetables are in season and plan your meals accordingly. Buying local seasonal fruit and vegetables reduces the distance our food must travel and there-by the carbon footprint of our food. As a bonus, local and organic produce is often much fresher and higher in nutritional value. 

10. Visit a national park

National parks are unique places set aside by our governments to ensure the protection of vulnerable wildlife and ecosystems. Support these national parks by visiting and learning more about your nation’s land and wildlife. 

11. Book a holiday off the beaten track

Skip the most obvious tourist spots that are drowning in tourists and find a new location to explore. Stay in a locally family-owned b&b, eat at a locally-run restaurant and take a tour with people who grew up in the area. This way, you will get to know the local culture resulting in a more authentic and enriching experience rather than feeling like just another tourist. 

2020, the beginning of a new decade, is an excellent time to start thinking more about the impact our lifestyles have on the planet. While having an eco-bucket list of eco-intentions is a step in the right direction, acting on these intentions is the crucial step. By turning these intentions into actions, together we can make a giant leap forward for the health of our planet this decade. 

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. 

– Chinese proverb