Diary of A Brand – We Have Extended

We have extended our contract with Berry Rutjes Jr.! Meaning that you can still find me and our bags in the Royal District of The Hague, at Berry’s Hat Boutique on Noordeinde 182. 

And, we are planning another Vernissage as we did a few weeks ago, so keep an eye out for the invitation. Like before, this will be a chance to come together to meet and greet Berry and the ‘Guest at the Salon’ of the moment, which will be ILNI.

During those three hours, we’ll have a drink (I prefer the Prosecco), and some snacks. There will be the opportunity to try on some of Berry’s handmade hats and ask questions about our Italian handmade and cruelty-free handbags., You’ll even get to do some networking, for Berry has quite some interesting guests on her list.

That doesn’t mean that your only opportunity to visit us is during the Vernissage. Not at all, you are more than welcome to visit the shop any other day. I might make you a cup of tea, which is my expertise (hint: I’m a terrible coffeemaker). 

Every Tuesday from 11:00 till 17:00 you’ll find me in the store. Typing away behind my computer: answering and sending out emails, scheduling social media posts or trying to come up with branding ideas. Which begs the question: if one of you out there happens to be a branding expert and could help me out?  I’ll buy you a bottle of Prosecco from across the street (at one of the best Italian trattorias in The Hague) Would you please be my guest?