Diary of a Brand – “I Have Served, I Will Be of Service”

The last three months have been quite busy. As we mentioned in our previous post, we have had a guest spot in Berry Rutjes Jr.’s Hat Boutique since April. Which only highlighted, to my dismay, that my sales skills are beyond disastrous. Something to work on perhaps!?

Before I became a mum, I worked as a flight attendant for Lufthansa. My dream had been to do something with my PR-Study, but for some bizarre reason at that time, I decided to give working as a stewardess a go. 

To my astonishment, I discovered that I love serving people. Not only their meals and drinks – mind you – but actually listening to them and helping them in any way possible. Just the mere fact that I could be of assistance to someone was such a joy for me. The smiles, the subtle thank you nod, eyes that would light up when the help would come unexpectedly: I just couldn’t get enough of it. The sheer challenge to overdeliver was my thrill, my dopamine!

Now, imagine this person trying to do a sale. It was, and still is, something totally out of my comfort zone. How does one switch from being service orientated to being focused on sales? To this day I have no idea! I just end up chatting to people and listening to their (life)stories, meeting other former flight attendants and looking back at those good old days. Scrolling through images of adorable grandchildren and adopted dogs, discussing Brexit. Even welcoming tourists on their way to the Peace Palace, who were attracted by the beautiful window shop and decided to enter. Most of the times these guests end up trying all the different hats, carefully(!) and leave with such a high spirit, that I am left with a glorious feeling, even though I did not sell one bag. Not even a hat. Nothing! 

It would seem that my natural state is to be of service. Like that line in the latest John Wick movie, I’m paraphrasing: “I have served. I will always be of service.” That is my core belief!