Diary of A Brand – Getting The Basics Of Social Media Marketing

In one of our latest diary entries, I spoke about Being of Service, in other words, Being Terrible in Sales. Since the launch of our website in March, I have dived into the world of Social Media. Learning about different platforms and how to work with and on these platforms to best share the word about our ILNI brand.  I am learning how to use social media calendars to manage our online content and apps to help us build our visual communications. 

At a certain point, I would get Facebook and LinkedIn messages from friends and acquaintances who were wondering where in heaven’s name I could find the time and energy to post the ungodly amount of Instagram posts on a daily base. And not on one, but on three different types of social media platforms. At first, I thought that they were being sarcastic. But the questions just kept coming and I decided to have a look at some of their accounts. 

To make a long story short; they were in the dark about how to use their accounts. Not that I’m that unusually savvy when it comes to anything in the digital landscape. But, for someone my age, I think I do know the common basics. And with that, I was under the impression that surely everyone knows them as well.

To set the scene: 

While having my massage, I would be giving tips and tricks for Instagram to the owner of the health-center (for she didn’t know what all these silly things called hashtags were about). 

At networking events, there will always be this one person that would ask me if I use social media for my business and if I know how to work with it. I would always say that I do know some things about it, just enough to make it work and would then notice further down the conversation that they have trouble doing – again, for me – the very basics?! They would ask if I could help them out, perhaps.

Just the other day, one of my friends who owns an interior decoration agency in Warsaw: she asked me if I could schedule an emergency Skype call – not my words – with her Marketing & Sales Manager to help her with this extremely intimidating Social Media calendar which they had bought a few weeks before, on my recommendation. She had purchased this app after a short phone call asking me which app to use. From looking at their posts and stories nowadays, her Sales- and Marketing manager has mastered it so much better than I have. And I love it!!