December, 2018 – Finally!

These past few months we have been working avidly on the details and materials for our new bags. After visiting the LineaPelle Fair in Milan, we discovered some new ideas for using different types of material. While we were excited by this development, it took a little longer than expected for things to start moving. This was because not all the materials were available immediately from stock and some actually had to be produced especially for us. So the waiting game started again.

Until this last Friday! A week ago we had finally received the long-awaited call to say that the materials could be picked up! We took the last flight to Milan on Friday evening and dedicated the whole weekend to completing the finishing touches on our very first batch of bags.

On Saturday morning we started the day early with the usual espresso and tea at the bar around the corner from Luciano’s atelier. We were eager to start discussing the last details with Luciano. His dogs greeted us first with noticeably less barking; they must be getting used to seeing us now! With Luciano, it was straight down to business this time, with none of the usual pre-work discussion about Italian politics or football.

It’s amazing how every time you think you already have looked at all details, you notice that there are many more aspects that come up that need to be addressed! As always, Luciano’s input, experience and solutions were of invaluable worth. Massimo also added valuable input by coming up with a design idea for the B-Bag, which we loved. Dedicating the whole Saturday to the final details was exhilarating and, as it turned out, particularly fruitful. However, not wanting to be too much of a nuisance, we decided to leave Luciano and Massimo to it in the late afternoon and headed back to our hotel. We were exhausted but feeling pumped with excitement at the same time. Our bags were nearly done!

Luciano and Massimo have informed us that our bags will be ready by the next weekend; we can’t wait! Next task on our list is to organise the transport to bring our ‘babies’ home and finally start showing them to the world!

Alla prossima – Until Next Time