#MyFreedomDay: Raising Awareness About Modern Day Slavery

March 14th is #MyFreedomDay, a daylong event organised internationally by students to raise awareness about modern day slavery and the need to abolish it completely. As part of the fashion industry, we at ILNI abhor this horrific practice that has been allowed to exist, hidden from sight, in many textile businesses. Therefore, we stand firmly together with #MyFreedomDay and other organisations against all practices of modern slavery.

What is Modern Day Slavery?

Sadly slavery was not completely abolished in the 19th century. It has instead continued to impact the lives of millions of victims; children working in sweatshops, women forced into prostitution, men enslaved to work in construction and agriculture, all part of exploitation that takes away their freedom of choice. These are the modern slaves, and #MyFreedomDay is the day to shed more light on this horrific practice.

According to the Global Slavery Index, there are an estimated 40.3 million people caught in modern slavery around the world, including more than 10 million children. These modern slaves are forced to work through coercion or threats, they are considered to be owned by their ‘employer’, are dehumanized, treated as commodities, and bought and sold like property. These women, men and children are not free to leave their situation.

How does this still happen?

Most often slavery occurs when people are vulnerable to being taken advantage of. In India, many slaves are in debt bondage trying to pay off the money they have borrowed for medical treatment or food. Young girls are often sold into early marriage to help a family financially.  Many women and children work in forced labour in textile mills under appalling conditions. Further compounding the problem is the belief that children born to slaves are also considered in bondage and the property of the slave owner from birth.

Unfortunately, slavery does not only exist in poorer countries, the UK government estimates there are more than 10,000 modern slaves in Britain, while in the United States this figure is almost 400,000.

What can we do to help?

There are many ways we can work together to face this problem in our world. #MyFreedomDay is about raising awareness. Here are some other ways you can help.

Gain knowledge

Find out more about the scourge of Modern Slavery and what organisations around the world are doing to help halt it. We found these websites to be full of excellent information:

The 50 for Freedom Campaign

Freedom United – One Voice Against Modern Slavery

Hope for Justice

Slavery Footprint Calculator

Shop informed

According to a report by the India Committee of the Netherlands (ICN), many of the items we buy every day are made by modern slave labour. Many of the clothes being sold in well-known fast fashion shops come from textile mills where young women and children were lured to work with promises of good wages. Instead, they find themselves trapped in modern slavery and child labour. With no payment for their work, no contracts and no one to complain to, these victims of modern slavery stay entrapped. By becoming more informed about the items we buy, and actively choosing to avoid products made by the hands of slaves we can make our consumer voices louder and encourage companies to be more aware of where they are sourcing their products from. Here are the most useful websites and apps that can help us make informed choices as consumers:

Good On You App

Shop Ethical Website

BuyCott App


Many great organisations are working tirelessly towards a world where slavery is abolished. Find one that you can support and get involved with helping them make a difference. Anti-Slavery Organisations active internationally:

Anti-slavery: Today’s Fight For Tomorrow’s Freedom

Freedom United – One Voice Against Modern Slavery

Stop the Traffik – People Shouldn’t Be Bought and Sold

The International Justice Mission

La Strada International – European Network Against Trafficking in Human Beings

Be Social

Students wanting to raise awareness about modern slavery started #MyFreedomDay. We can follow their lead by adding our voices to the movement through sharing information about modern slavery on social media and by telling others about this problem. Change begins with knowledge, which raises awareness and, most importantly, calls for closer scrutiny of companies and individuals engaging in this practice. This terrible practice of slavery should have ended centuries ago, and if we don’t speak out against modern slavery, who will?

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Junior,

The Key to Everyday Kindness and How to Find It.

We all would like to think we are kind all of the time. But, we also know that we can actually struggle to act with kindness sometimes. Something happens and our thoughts trip us up and cause us to react in a not so kind way. This is because our thoughts are extremely powerful and can impact greatly on how we show up each day, and interact with those around us. If our thoughts are to blame, then it makes sense that the key to everyday kindness is learning more about our thoughts and reactions.

Understanding Ourselves

The more we notice and understand our feelings, the more we are open to understanding the feelings of others. Yes, we are talking about self-awareness, as we believe a little more self-knowledge is the key to being kinder, nicer people more of the time.  After all, when you are happy in your own skin and are comfortable with your own shortcomings, you tend to be more understanding, more forgiving and more empathetic.

Our Not So Kind Reactions

We all have come across that person who just seems to want to be mean to everyone. They are mean to the person serving them coffee, they are mean to their co-workers, and you can bet they are also mean to themselves. Before we start judging that person, we should remember that we all have the tendency to be this person. If something has gone wrong in our day, it is easy to take out our pain on others. We snap at our kids or swear at the driver who cuts in front of us. As embarrassing as it is to admit, we can definitely be that mean person too. The key to everyday kindness, therefore, lies in breaking out of this mean-cycle whenever we feel it happening.

Self-Awareness is the Key

Self-awareness is defined as having conscious knowledge of one’s character, feelings, motives, and desires. Basically, this means becoming aware that we are actually in control of how we react to any given situation. By knowing more about our character we can identify thought patterns that may be causing us to react in ways that are not always as empathetic or caring as we would like.

Knee-jerk Reactions

If someone is ticking you off, and you can feel your temper rising, stop, and consider what is triggering this reaction. Could it be that the actions of this person are highlighting a flaw in us or perhaps remind us of a time we were scared or felt out of control?

Self-awareness means taking a moment to consider our reactions and see if our first reactions are the right ones. Self-awareness helps us interact more than react. It means knowing your motives and being able to decide if they are reasonable or not. If we are acting on auto-pilot and having knee-jerk reactions to events, then we are not practising self-awareness and are susceptible to biases and stereotyping when interacting with others.  Life becomes very stressful when we are only reacting to events around us, so by being more aware of ourselves, we can learn to interact with kindness to others around us.

Understanding Reactions in Others

Not only does self-awareness help us to understand our reactions, but it also helps us be more forgiving and kind to others too. When we see someone reacting in anger or frustration, we can show more empathy and compassion, as we know that we also have the ability in us to react badly. We know we all have flaws that we are working on.  Self-awareness allows us to embrace these flaws in us and in others and accept that this is part of what makes us human.

The Key and How To Find It

Self-awareness is the key to more kindness for our world. When we learn to interact from a position of self-awareness, we find that kindness and compassion come more naturally. We all have access to this key. It simply requires us being kind and compassionate to ourselves, including all our flaws and mistakes. This is the crucial key from which kindness for others can flow.

Let us fill our hearts with our own compassion – towards ourselves and towards all living beings.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Ten TED Talks To Keep You Motivated and Inspired Through Winter

Try Something New For 30 Days

Matt Cutts challenges us to try something new for 30 days. This light-hearted talk explains how to start achieving your goals in just 30 days. Is there something you’ve always meant to do, wanted to do, but just haven’t? This might be the motivation you need to start.



How To Start A Movement

A short, fun Ted talk in which Derek Sivers explains how movements and trends get started. He challenges us to get behind the things we care about and have the courage to be the one who will stand up first.


Want to Change the World? Start by being brave enough to care

Artist and poet Cleo Wade reminds us to ‘be good to yourself, be good to others, be good to the earth’. This talk is a moving poem about being an advocate for love and acceptance in a time when both seem in short supply.



The Magic of Not Giving a F**k

Sarah Knight, the bestselling author of the book The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**K, inspires and challenges us to choose the things we really care about and learn how to give these our time, money and attention. This hilarious talk will have you rethinking your focus.


Your Elusive Creative Genius

Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love, shares the radical idea that, we all have a genius inside of us. She inspires us to find that hidden gift with this funny and moving talk.

My Year of Saying Yes to Everything

Shonda Rhimes, director of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder shares her experiment with saying yes to everything. And, how this simple shift in perspective unlocked hidden inspiration and helped her get her ‘hum’ back.



Weird or Just Different

Sometimes we just need to be reminded that we all see things differently. What seems normal to one person is considered strange to another. In this short 2 minute talk, Derek Sivers offers the flip side view of life.




How to Seek Truth in the Era of Fake News

Christiane Amanpour speaks about fake news, objectivity in journalism, the leadership vacuum in global politics and more, sharing her wisdom and reminding us of the importance of being engaged global citizens who seek the truth.



Less Stuff More Happiness

In this short talk Graham Hill, writer and designer explains how having less stuff and taking up less space can lead to happiness. He makes the case and lays out three challenging rules for editing our lives.



Success is a Continuous Journey

Richard St. John talks about how success requires we keep working at it. If we relax once we get to the goal we can go back downhill very quickly. His short TED talk encourages us to stick at it, even when we feel we have made it.




We hope these short talks will inspire you and keep you motivated this year.

You can find many more fantastic, inspiring and Ideas Worth Spreading at https://www.ted.com





Begin the Year with Kindness

We hope that this year is the year that kindness and compassion can reverse the ugly spread of intolerance and division around the world. We here at ILNI want to do all we can to inspire, promote and encourage the proliferation of kindness. That is why we want to start the year with a round up of our recent posts on kindness, compassion and tolerance.

Kindness is Contagious: 15 Ways You Can Spread Some Around Today

It is clear that here at ILNI we are big fans of kindness. We believe in kindness to others, kindness to the planet and kindness to ourselves. In this post we explore the fantastically contagious nature of kindness and how a single act of kindness can spark widespread outbreaks of more kindness.

Compassionate Lifestyle Bloggers We are Following

We love to read about others who have made it their mission to spread waves of kindness into their communities. This post is a collation of our favourite lifestyle bloggers who are having a ripple effect with their kindness.

8 Reasons to be Kind This Year and 3 Kind Acts You Can Do Immediately

Being kind to one another is essential in a world that seems to be lacking in compassion and kindness on a global scale. We believe every small action can make a difference and we share our ideas for spreading kindness all around. 

Addressing Biases and Creating a Culture of Compassion

Sometimes our biases can go unnoticed and can, in fact, be a major hurdle in us being the change this world needs. We challenge you in this post to look for any hidden biases that might be standing in the way of compassion in our lives.

The Online Hate Culture and How to Stay Out of it

In our daily lives we filter through an enormous amount of information and communication online. But how do we stay out of the online battles that are being waged in all corners of the Internet? We explore in this post what is causing this online hate and most importantly, how do we avoid it.

25 Brilliant Kindness Quotes to Remind us to Spread a Little More Kindness Today

We leave you with this final post of 25 of our favourite quotes about kindness.

Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness.

Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.

Scott Adams

It’s not what’s under the Christmas tree that matters, it’s who is around it.

With best wishes for the festive season from all of us at ILNI

8 Must-Read Blog Posts That Just Might Change Your Life

At ILNI we try to challenge, inspire and encourage with every post we write. Over the last year we have published some posts with bold ideas and suggestions for self-improvement, improving the planet and sharing a lot more kindness around. Here are our top 8 posts that we think might just change your life.

The One Thing You Can Do in 2018 To Improve Your Health and the Health of the Planet

In this post we explore how cutting meat and animal products out of your diet might be the best thing you could do for your health and the health of the planet. If you are looking for inspiration to make a change in your eating habits, this is the post for you.

The Online Hate Culture and How To Stay Out Of It

In this age of digital connection, there seems to be a building culture of intolerance and hate towards opposing opinions. We explore what all this online hate is about, why does there seem to be so much of it, and most importantly, how do we stay out of it?

Three Questions That Will Change the Way You Buy Clothes, Forever.

Do you ever get caught up in the intoxicating mix of anticipation, desire and panic when you see an item of clothing you want to own? If this is you, this blog post may be just the thing you need to read before the end-of-season sales start. We pose three simple questions that will definitely challenge your buying habits and may even change your lifestyle.

5 Ways Your Life Might Actually Improve Without Facebook

For most of us, Facebook brings up some conflicting emotions about whether to keep or delete our profile. Notably, in recent months when the news about how this mammoth social site uses our data and fails to keep it secure has hit the headlines worldwide. We outline in this post why flicking the switch on Facebook might actually be the best thing you can do. We even go so far as to suggest five ways your life could improve without Facebook.

12 Things to Stop Doing Right Now

These 12 habits don’t do anyone any good. They can slow you down, make you feel bad and unintentionally hurt others. See if you have any of these 12 habits that need to change.

15 Ways To Green Your Morning Routine And Start Saving The Planet Before Lunchtime

Feel like saving the planet before lunchtime? Then this is the post for you. We outline 15 surprisingly simple ways you can green your morning routine and get well on track to doing your part in saving the planet.

 Everyday Should Be A World Hello Day

While we all know that communication is the key to increasing understanding and kindness in our lives, do we really take time to consider how to use the power of communication for good? Find out how you can use the power of communication for good in your life and encourage others, including our world leaders, to do the same.

The Fine and Forgotten Art of Applying A Morality Filter 

We live in a digital world with very few filters. Our daily consumption of media is mostly unfiltered online content from unknown sources. Recent news about who can buy influence and appear in our feed means it is up to us to place more control over the content we see. In other words, if you want to set any limits on what you see online, you need to be the one to set them. In this post we challenge you to set some online content boundaries.

We hope we might have contributed some interesting and perhaps challenging ideas with these posts. But most importantly remember;

You must be the change you wish to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi


25 Brilliant Kindness Quotes to Remind Us to Spread A Little More Kindness Today

At ILNI we believe in kindness, and we believe in spreading it far and wide. We have collated our favourite quotes about kindness. These words remind us how important an act of kindness is and they inspire us to do our best to add more kindness to the world each and every day.


No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.



Be kind to unkind people – they need it the most.



The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose.

Hada Bejar


Kindness in words creates confidence.

Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.

Kindness in giving creates love.

Lao Tzu


Be kind whenever possible.

It is always possible.

Dalai Lama


Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless. Mother Teresa


Kindness trumps greed: it asks for sharing.

Kindness trumps fear: it calls forth gratefulness and love.

Kindness trumps even stupidity, for with sharing and love, one learns.

Marc Estrin


The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.

Mahatma Gandhi


Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.

Princess Diana


Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.

Dr Seuss


How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single minute before starting to improve the world.

Anne Frank

Click here to read about the Anne Frank Organisation


Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness.

Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.

Scott Adams


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead


The greatest work that kindness does to others is that it makes them kind themselves.

Amelia Earhart


Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day.

Sally Koch


The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.

Oscar Wilde


Be kind.

Always if you have a choice, be kind.

Anne Rice


For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.

Audrey Hepburn


Be the reason someone smiles.

Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people.

Roy T. Bennett


You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi


Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.

Helen Keller


The more I think it over, the more I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.

Vincent van Gogh


You cannot do a kindness too soon because you never know how soon it will be too late.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Generosity is the more natural outward expression of an inner attitude of compassion.



In a world where you can be anything: be elegant and kind




What We Are Reading – Our Diverse List of Recommended Books

We are a diverse group of people behind the brand ILNI, with many differing interests, as you will see from the list of books we are reading and enjoying right now. We decided it would be great to share what we are reading with you too.


The Vegetarian by Han Kang

The Vegetarian is a confronting fictional novel about quiet resistance and its consequences. Set in Korea, this story questions the idea of conformity by displaying the two sides of human nature; one part greedy and primal and one part accountable to family and society. The heroine of the story, Yeong-hye isolates herself trying to turn into something without meaning and completely ignoring the norms that are required of her by society. This provoking novel is well worth a read if you are looking for a fiction read that will get you thinking too.





 Jesse Livermore – Boy Plunger: The Man Who Sold America Short in 1929 by Tom Rubython

Jesse Livermore is the man who made the most money ever over seven days on the American stock market. In 1929 he sold $450 million shares short and made $100 million. He is also considered to have singlehandedly caused the two great Wall Street crashes of 1907 and 1929, making his fortune from both and gaining him the name Boy Plunger. Livermore was the richest man in the world with a fortune over $150 million and is still known as the greatest investor and commodities trader that ever operated on Wall Street.





The China Study – The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted And the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, And Long-term Health by Dr T. Colin Campbell

A highly readable book about the stunning findings of Dr T. Colin Campbell into the relationship between diet and disease. In this book, Dr Campbell explains the dangers of a diet high in animal proteins making a strong connection between nutrition and heart disease, diabetes and cancer. The China study lays out his findings and highlights the benefits of a whole foods, plant-based diet. Considered one of the best books on the relationship between what we eat and our risk of developing a disease, this book cuts through the maze of misinformation in the diet world sending a clear message to anyone concerned about their diet and health.




The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

‘There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed…” This is the story of 18-year-old Nella who receives a most unusual wedding gift in the form of a cabinet-sized replica of her home from an elusive miniaturist. The miniatures reveal unexpected secrets about their real-life counterparts and the threat of danger to them all. A suspenseful and beautifully written story guaranteed to keep you intoxicated to the end by the evolving storyline.






Sapiens – A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari

Harari takes you on a journey to the beginning of human history to discover how we won the battle for dominance over other species, why we created cities and how we came to believe in gods, nations and human rights. Dr Harari then examines what in our nature has led us to become slaves to bureaucracy, timetables and consumerism. This book asks the important question of what will we be like in another millennium. Recommended by Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg and Barrack Obama; Sapiens is bold, provocative and calls into question almost everything we think we know about being human.




Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy by Cathy O’Neil

We live in a world where algorithms are increasingly responsible for making many decisions about us. The underlying assumption being that mathematical models make things fairer for everyone, by judging us all with the same rules and eliminating bias. But, as Cathy O’Neil reveals in this book, often the opposite is true. Many of the mathematical models used today by big business and governments are unregulated and often reinforce discrimination. This is the dark side of big data being used in the wrong way creating algorithms that can impact our lives without us even realising it. Weapons of Math Destruction challenges us to start asking the right questions about how our personal data is used and who is ensuring it is used in a way that is fair.



We love that we are a diverse group of people here at ILNI and we hope you have enjoyed our diverse list of book recommendations. After all, without diversity, life would be very boring.

A lot of different flowers make a bouquet” – Muslim proverb




9 Fashion Trends We Love This Autumn

It’s officially autumn and, as always, we’ve been keeping an eye on the runways for the up and coming trends of the season. We wanted to share the standout autumn trends we are getting a little bit excited about as the weather cools.


Big Bold Animal Prints and Faux Furs

This is the season for donning full-length faux fur coats and dressing head to toe in bold animal prints. The whole animal world is represented with faux fur and animal prints of every variation; tiger, cheetah, bear, snake prints and more. We love that these faux fur coats haven’t hurt a fly and that they will ensure we are warm, cosy and stylish all winter long.

Modesty Dressing

Modest or not, we do love the new season’s trend towards longer hemlines and higher necklines. This autumn we will be layering up to keep warm in style. We especially love the Victorian style collars, especially when paired with the more tailored style of this modest trend.

Let it Shine

This season is all about fabrics with a glossy finish and a high shine. Designers have incorporated every kind of high gloss fabric in their autumn lines. High shine latex, vinyl and plastic all come out to play in this season’s coats, jackets, pants and boots.

Heritage Chic

This autumn it is time for the classic heritage style tweed to make a comeback. Tweed skirts, over-sized tweed coats and wide-leg tweed pants keeping us warm this season, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Keep it classic with the original blues and greys or brighten up with plaids, tartans and checks in vibrant reds, oranges and yellows. This versatile trend is the easiest way to add a little bit of colour and classic cool to your wardrobe this season.

Wild West Style

If classic plaids are not your style, the Wild West trend might get you a little more excited. Designers have gone all whimsical Wild West with cowboy boots paired with flowing prairie dresses. We think this style is perfect for those autumn days before the winter really sets in.

Brown is the New Black

This autumn you have permission to wear head to toe brown. Mixed shades of brown, from tan to glossy dark chocolate are paired with crisp white or cream for classic suits and outfits that promise to overtake the blacks and greys as your main wardrobe staple. This is chocolate indulgence without the calories.

Check and Checked for Men

We haven’t forgotten about the trends for men this autumn. There are a few upcoming styles that we are really on board with and the classic hounds-tooth revival is one we love. Tailored suits and blazers in this classic fabric are perfect for these cooler months.


Classically Tailored Menswear

This autumn the trend brings out the more impeccably dressed man in an artisanal jacket and perfectly fitted pants. Perfect for the man who can wear a classically tailored suit with an air of nonchalance. This is a trend we could all fall in love with.


Every boy wants to be a Cowboy

The casual cowboy Western look also trends big for men this season. And, dare we say it, denim on denim never looked so good. Well-cut darker shade jeans paired with classic light denim shirts are making us swoon for this modern cowboy look.


90s Throwbacks can go back

To finish our round up of trends, we felt the need to add the one trend we think needs to go back to wherever it came from. In our opinion, this season’s 90’s sportswear revival can stay in the locker room. We just do not love the look of those shiny nylon tracksuits paired with white sneakers and retro styling this season.

Luckily, we have enough fantastic trends that we do love to keep us all warm, cosy and stylish in the coming cooler months.

11 Sustainable Living Blogs to Inspire You This Autumn

As the season changes and the weather gets cooler, it’s the perfect time to relax somewhere cosy to spend time reading and being inspired. Here at ILNI we love to follow the blogs of influencers who are making a mark on the world in a good way. This week we wanted to highlight some more of our favourite blogs that inspire us.

Going Zero Waste

Filled with inspiring ideas, fantastic recommendations and fashionable fun, this blog is one we love to follow. With sections on zero waste living, zero waste travel, minimal wardrobe inspirations and minimalism, you are guaranteed to find some Autumnal ideas for getting cosy, staying fashionable and saving the planet. Their Guide to sustainable and eco-friendly bedding is a wealth of information for finding the best bedding to keep you warm and cosy as we head into cooler winter nights.

Moral Fibres

Sustainable living that is hip, not hippie; Moral Fibres is about sustainable living and how it can be part of everyone’s daily life. We love Wendy’s fresh writing style that it covers all aspects of sustainable living without being preachy or judgmental. We particularly like to keep up with her weekly list of ten things to know and learn.

Melanin And Sustainable Style (MelaninASS)

We suggest you find time to deep dive into this fantastic blog that celebrates the success of communities of colour in the sustainable fashion and beauty arena. Praised as a voice for the ethnic industry this authentic and culturally relevant blog will keep you coming back for more. Filled with powerful stories of pioneers who are stylishly empowering communities and cultivating change in the fashion and beauty world. Read more about these movers and shakers in their Vanguards section and find out how you can be a part of this platform for change.

The Peahen

Created by Kasi, The Peahen is about bringing truth-telling back to fashion. Believing that clothes are a joy that can be celebrated while also ensuring the lives of those making them are enhanced, Kasi highlights stories and brands that do just that. Here you will find sustainable fashion inspiration that regenerates rather than depletes the earth. This week we are reading How Trump’s Tariffs Affect Fashion.

The Discerning Brute

Finally there is an ethical fashion blog for men. The Discerning Brute is a great blog for anyone wanting to live an ethical and enjoyable life. This month we have enjoyed learning about Mushroom Leather and reading their great post about Why Fashion Should Focus on Leather More Than Plastic if we are really worried about our environment.

Ecouterre –Green Design Will Save the World

Possibly one of the most widely read eco-conscious websites online, Ecouterre

exists to ‘follow the evolution of the apparel industry toward a more environmentally sound future, as well as facilitate a conversation about why sustainable fashion matters’ Here you will find that green fashion is more than just a passing trend. Their blog post 5 Ways to be a Responsible Fashion Consumer reminds us not to ignore the impact our fashion choices have on the environment and on society.

Fashion Hedge

This blog is one very smart lifestyle guide for Ethical fashion, sustainability and conscious lifestyle. Yarina uses her blog to highlight the latest fashions while opening the debate about what ‘ethical fashion’ is. She dives into the business of fashion and sourcing, analysing our perceptions of beauty, culture and fashion. Check out her 101 guide to What is Ethical Fashion.


The Huffington Post describes their offshoot eco blog as “the authority on sustainable style”. If you are looking for a blog that is current, news-focused and a little political then this is the blog for you. Focusing more on eco-lifestyle than fashion you will find lots of news, how-tos and sartorial commentary.

We are reading this week about Good Luxury: In Search of Style + Compassion

Live Eco

Live Eco is the eco-chic essential fashion, beauty and lifestyle guide to trending lightly. Founded by Nikki Stear, her mission is “to show people that a fashion-forward, chic lifestyle can be an eco-friendly one too. It’s possible to be smart, sexy and sustainable!”. This week we are intrigued by her post about the new health beverage golden milk Golden Milk, the New Health Beverage

Every Steph

Italian lifestyle blogger, Steph brings us this glamorous green lifestyle and travel blog where “Green is the new black”. Redefining an eco-traveller as someone who understands that sustainable travel can easily go hand in hand with a touch of luxury. We love this idea of combining a little glamour with an eco-friendly lifestyle. Her post on the Top Ecotourism Destinations in the World has us adding many more places to our must-visit list.


Eco Traveller Guide

 Irish traveller Linda has been running this blog since 2011 and has turned it into the go-to guide for ecotourism and responsible travel. She offers tips and inspirations for those of us looking for new ideas and new ways to travel. Her latest post, Classic Culinary Train Journeys , has us wanting to jump on board immediately!

We hope you have enjoyed exploring our recommendations and have discovered some new blogs to follow with some inspiring posts to read over the coming cooler months.

In a world where we can be anything, let’s be elegant and kind.