Ten Thoughtful and Compassionate Lifestyle Bloggers We Are Enjoying This Month

Kindness has a ripple effect on the universe and we love reading about others who are spreading a little compassion and kindness. This month we have collated some of our favourite lifestyle bloggers who are creating waves of kindness in their communities.

Kind Over Matter – Life Gets Better When You Are Kind To Yourself

Described as the ‘Feel Good Rabbit Hole of the internet’, we don’t mind getting lost for a while in the great content of this site. Filled with inspiring stories, motivations and kindness that will just make your day a little sunnier. Lara Heacock works with a team of kindness writers who bring great fresh content to this feel-good site.


The Kind Planet – For Circular Living

“Habits are formed when we repeat a behaviour and it becomes part of us,” says Eva, the founder of The Kind Planet Blog. She explores with her readers the idea of Circular Living; thinking more about where items we use come from, how they are made, how they are used, where they go and what impact they have on the health and well-being of people and the earth. By educating and challenging us to become more connected to our actions and to think about the impact of products we use, Eva is spreading her flavour of kindness around the planet.



Kindness By Design – A Champion of designs that are good to people and the planet!

Kendall started her blog with a desire to see sustainable and ethical design become the norm. Her site highlights designers, brands and labels that are also committed to making the world a better place. On her site, you can find a host of information and news about ethical fashion and design, as well as get up-close and personal with ethical fashion designers, brands and retailers.




The Kind Life – With Alicia Silverstone

You will instantly recognize the face behind this blog. Actress Alicia Silverstone runs The Kind Life, a place where she joins with others who are on a passage to healthier and happier living. The site is filled with great ideas, recipes and tips for a healthy and happy life that is especially kind to the planet.



Kindness.org – A kinder world begins with all of us

This blog is created by a group of writers who came together to form a small non-profit with big goals. Their aim to answer the question:

How would our world transform if each of us put kindness front and centre in our lives?

What developed was a website that aims to inspire small ripples of everyday compassion. Stories from communities, articles about kindness and putting new ideas into practice. Kindness.org is all about the power of ripples of kindness to create massive waves of change. They invite readers to read, grab one of their fun shareable content or join one of their initiatives.


Leotie Lovely – Eco-wisdom and Ethical Awareness

Leotie Lovely created her blog as her ever-evolving guide to living more consciously. She decided her act of kindness for the world would be to learn the circular story behind every object she purchases or uses. Her blog is a narrative of this journey to be the change we wish to see in the world, challenging us to just be better humans.




Pebble Magazine – Read The Change

Georgina created Pebble Magazine as a platform to support, share and promote stories from people who are doing cool and worthy things for a living. She writes on sustainable design, ethical fashion, slow food, eco-travel and much more – permaculture, whizzy futurists, slow fashion, open sourcing, crafting, protecting the seas, local food, new manufacturing models, organic skincare, vegetable leathers and vertical farms.. just to name a few topics you can read about on this blog. We love how the writers on Pebble Magazine are challenging the status quo article by article.


Ferns and Peonies – Navigating a Healthy and Compassionate Lifestyle

Alex’s blog is all about living with intention and kindness. Alex is a world traveller, a gluten-free and vegan cooking enthusiast, a runner and yogi, a designer and creator of bags, a wife and a mother of two calico cat sisters and a rescue mutt. She writes about navigating a healthy and compassionate lifestyle that has a positive effect on others. Topics include travel, cooking, baking, yoga and becoming the best version of you.



My New Neighbour – A Conscious Living Resource

This blog was created by three friends who wanted to break free from mindless materialism and meet with new neighbours. They have redefined ‘neighbour’ to include the people around the world whose lives are interwoven with ours by the things we decide to purchase. This blog is about these “new” neighbours, and learning how to show kindness through conscious shopping. Lots of how-to posts, as well as uplifting stories and challenging articles that encourage us all to think and act globally.


Magnifeco – Where Ethics Meets Aesthetics

Kate Black is the woman behind this magazine/blog that is a discovery of eco-fashion designers, artisans, makers and sustainable living communities. Filled with fresh ideas, articles and ethical fashion this site is great for getting lost in and coming out inspired.



Just as ripples spread out from a single pebble dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching results – Dalai Lama