Behind the Scenes – Finding The Perfect Photo Shoot Location

Location Hunting!

Here we are at Het Spaansche Hof in The Hague. Unfortunately, we decided the cost to rent for one day was too high. Nevertheless, I took some pictures of its amazing interior. At that point so depressed and anxious that we would not be able to find the perfect shooting location for ILNI.

Then, Stefan found Het Huys ten Donck. Dear lord! I can honestly tell you that I was speechless while walking through this historical mansion. I could not believe this place existed not that far from The Hague.

Everything was perfect, the furniture, wall paper, paintings…just everything!!

I just gasped when entering yet again another room. I can remember that I just wanted this location so much for the ILNI shooting.

Each corner in this unbelievable house is just Instagram ready. And the owner literally still lives here with her husband, two children and two dogs. So you can not help thinking how great their Christmases, Summer parties in the garden and other days must be.

We came to an agreement with the owner and are very excited to be able to photograph our bags in this superb location in a few weeks!