Our Cool and Classy Beach Etiquette Guide

As the summer heat rises our thoughts turn to sandy shores, palm trees, ocean breezes, salty air, sun-kissed skin and rolling waves. Yes, we are definitely toes in the sand kind of people and we love to spend time at the beach in summer. This year, we wanted to help keep the beach cool and classy by sharing our simple beach etiquette guide.

Cover-up on the way to the beach

The funny thing about swimwear is that it begins to look more and more like underwear the further you are from the water. If you plan to walk a distance to the beach, grab a beautiful wrap to drape yourself in while wandering towards the seaside.

Slip, slop, slap

Slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat. All good advice if you are feeling the heat and your skin is in danger of turning a little red. Avoid the dreaded red branding of sunburn on skin that has been hidden under layers of clothing all winter. Take it easy in the sun for the first few days and let your tan build slowly.

Pick a good spot and respect personal space

Even on a crowded beach, we must allow others their space. If someone has marked their spot on the beach with towels, it is best to allow some space around them when picking your spot on the sand. This becomes even more important on an almost empty beach. Keep your distance, mark your space away from others and let’s all get along.

Turn the volume down

Not everyone will share your taste in music, and most will prefer a different soundtrack for their day at the beach. So, in the name of all things civil, please keep the music low enough that you can still enjoy it, but others don’t have to talk over it. The same goes for loud conversations on a crowded beach.

Eat simple and plastic free

Picnics at the beach are great, but as we are becoming more aware of the plastic waste in our waters (#plasticfree #cleanoceans) a simple beach picnic is best. Put some fresh sandwiches and fruit in a reusable container and bring a refillable water bottle with iced water. Leave the plastic wrap, plastic straws and plastic cups at home safely away from any sea life that they could harm.

Avoid the flick

Be very careful when shaking your towel out so that the sand does not blow over your neighbour. The same consideration should be taken when walking past people in your flip-flops to avoid flicking sand on everyone you pass.

Games are best played away from crowds

It is great to toss a frisbee or play some beach cricket on a sunny day at the beach. But be aware of others and play your games away from the crowds. No one wants a ball in the head or to be trampled on while lying in the sun.

No Butts

The beach is for everyone to enjoy and the sand is not an ashtray. No one wants the warm summer breeze to be filled with second-hand smoke on a beach. If you have to smoke, move away from others or find a terrace to sit on. Do not be tempted to bury cigarette butts in the sand; those little sticks continue to leach toxic chemicals and carcinogens into the water well after you have finished smoking them.

Don’t feed the seagulls

Seagulls have a healthy diet of fish scraps and shellfish. They are natural scavengers, but their digestive system is not made to eat bread or fast food. Unfortunately, like us, they love food that is bad for them and will continue to come begging for pieces of our food. And, they will bring all their friends. Please don’t invite a gull party by feeding them your fries. After all, what goes up must come down.

Dogs on the beach are not everyone’s friends

Keep a close eye on your dog at the beach and don’t let them roam unattended. Some dogs can get overexcited by all the people and children and can annoy others. If your dog is a frequently barking breed, consider not bringing them to the beach. If you do bring your furry friend keep them close and on a leash.

Keep the romance classy

Yes, we are talking about public displays of affection PDAs. By all means, hold hands as you walk along the beach and have a little cuddle on your towel. But please please keep it G rated. The beach is a family location. Keep it classy or get a room.

Don’t bother the lifeguard

Lifeguards are on duty and their duty is to keep a close eye on the beach for people in trouble. When you approach a lifeguard, you take their attention off their role of keeping others safe. If you need directions or information, find an off-duty guard or attendant to ask. Let the on-duty guard do their job undistracted.


Leave only footprints

The well-known rule to take only photos and leave only footprints applies especially at the beach. Following this simple advice ensures everyone gets to enjoy a pristine beach. So before you leave the beach pick up everything you have bought with you and refill any holes you have dug in the sand. Leave the beach as you found it and hopefully everyone else will do the same.

Just Enjoy!

We wish you long happy summer beach days this year. Soak up the sun, ride the waves, breathe in the fresh sea air, feel the breeze, build a sandcastle, rest, relax, reflect and go barefoot to feel the sand between your toes!