Nine Fantastic Autumn Fashion Trends That Will Make You Look Forward To The Cold

Although Summer is all but over, we are actually starting to get a little excited about the next season. The reason? We have nine good reasons in the form of Autumn fashion trends that have got us quite excited. Here are our picks of the best trends for the upcoming coming cooler months that we think will make you look forward to the cold too. 

#1 Millennial Purple AKA Lavender

While last season was all about millennial pink, this season lavender is the hue of choice. We love this gorgeous orchid shade which can be used in head to toe monochromatic outfits, to make a statement with a key piece or to add interest by way of accessories. It is bold and beautiful alone or paired with black, white, navy or brown. 

#2 The Cape

The cape makes a comeback in the Autumn fashion trends. These strong shaped outerwear pieces are a fabulous alternative to the trench coat or denim jacket. They look strong, stylish and great. And, dare we say, heroic! 

#3 Satin Blouses

It must be the romantic in us that just goes weak at the knees for a beautifully shaped satin blouse. Paired with a slim-fitting skirt, these shirts are anything but average. While off-white shades are the most obvious hue to wear, Versace showed of satin in neon hues with contrasting lace trims for those of us who like our fashion with a little more edge. 

#4 Super long coats

Longline wool coats that almost skim the floor are the way to make an entrance this Autumn. The style is structured heavy wool coats that fit perfectly and go all the way down to your ankles. Suddenly all our coats feel a little too short and lacking the drama of these statement makers. We all want to go out and immediately buy something much bigger, longer and in a more striking colour like blue, yellow or teal. 

autumn fashion trends argyle

#5 Argyle Knits

Yes, these are the original old man’s golf sweater, but this season they are anything but old fashioned. In fact, they are looking very cool with a cute skirt or fitted pants. The classic diamond pattern showed up in navy and black combinations as well as the traditional forest green and cream. These cosy old fashioned knits are perfect for keeping warm and stylish as the temperature drops. 

#6 Butter Yellow

Yellows of all shades are popping up all over the place in Autumn fashion trends, but our favourite is the buttery yellow hue. Worn in a monochromatic outfit it looks amazing in suiting, evening wear or in one of the aforementioned floor length coats. This colour is perfect for those of us who like to stick to the classics as a nice alternative to black or beige without being too colourful. Butter up your style this Autumn by popping some yellow in your outfit. 

#7 Refined Handbags

Handbags are going back to the classics this season and we are loving the shapes. The trend is for top-handled, sleek-looking handbags that feel ultra ladylike. The vintage vibe is strong with classic frame bags that are large enough for your essentials and classic enough to treasure forever. 

#8 Blazer + Blouse + Skirt Combination

This triple combination is a strong trend this Autumn and we are fans. The formula is a tried and true one that anyone can wear and look great. Satin blouses in cream and off-white are paired with classic blazers in beige, with a tailored midi skirt completing the vintage office wear look. Soft fabrics and hues make this look ultra feminine and give endless possibilities to mix and match all season long. 

#9 Dark Florals 

Summer may be almost over, but this Autumn the florals stick around. This season’s florals are darker, richer and bolder than their summer cousins. Featuring gorgeous realistic blooms in deep wine red, greens and purples that are romantic and a little bit gothic. We love the deep floral midi and maxi skirts that are here for the season and that pair perfectly with boots for cooler days. 

We think the designers this season had a blast while coming up with these looks. They feel fun, romantic, and easy to mix and match. We can tell already that we are going to enjoy this season. So roll on Autumn!