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We Are Waves Of The Same Sea; We Are In This Pandemic Together

Last week the Chinese electronics company, Xiaomi, donated tens of thousands of facemasks to the Italian government. And, in the most touching display of solidarity from one country suffering the impact of the coronavirus to another, the boxes were labeled with the words of the ancient Roman Stoic philosopher Seneca: We are waves of the […]

It’s not what’s under the Christmas tree that matters, it’s who is around it. With best wishes for the festive season from all of us at ILNI

About ILNI

  ILNI is not just another handbag company. We are a company working to redefine elegance by adding the kindness factor. We believe elegance is not just about external beauty; it is a reflection of a deeper beauty that comes from within a person who also shows kindness and compassion to others. Our bags represent […]

Refresh Guide to Good Table Manners

We all like to think we know how to behave at the dinner table, most of us remember our mothers insisting on good table manners.  But perhaps it doesn’t hurt to have a quick refresh to remind us how to behave when at dinner. Devices off the table If you are dining out with someone, […]

The Fine and Forgotten Art of Applying a Morality Filter 

Remember when swearing was not allowed on TV or radio? Movies would be peppered with bleeps to cover any rude words. We consider it old-fashioned and quaint that nudity was blurred and live footage of violence was edited to avoid seeing the horror of a dead body. Now we live in a world without filters […]

How to Travel in Style

In the golden age of travel, taking an international flight was an event one dressed up for. International travel was seen as a romantic journey, but these days the art of travelling with style seems to have been lost. People queue for flights in sweatpants and sneakers with shabby falling apart bags and suitcases. It […]

About The Blog

  Our ILNI blog is where we share our lifestyle ideas, our likings and a few of our thoughts about current events and topics. Through all of our posts we strive to promote kindness, mindfulness and ethical elegance. You can find opinion pieces, travel inspirations, interviews and stories of amazing craftsmanship. We are building a […]

5 Compelling Reasons to Visit Bruges

Bruges, one of the most incredibly well preserved medieval towns in Europe has a picturesque village centre that is almost unchanged from 600 years ago when the city was a thriving financial hub. Due to an unfortunate twist of fate, the city became an almost forgotten backwater for hundreds of years, leaving it sleeping like […]

8 Elegant Experiences for an Unforgettable Stay in London

London is one of our favourite destinations at ILNI and so we have collated our picks of the most elegant and perfectly British experiences for an unforgettable trip to this fabulous city.   Stay in Elegance   The Gore Hotel Situated in South Kensington, the Gore Hotel simply oozes historical elegance and character from every […]