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A Conversation with Linda Zoon

Linda Zoon

Graphic designer and illustrator with a passion for fashion


Linda Zoon is ILNI’s illustrator creating the beautiful interpretations of our bag personalities. She is the one who has brought Augustina, Betty-Joan, and Cresces to life. Linda has amassed a growing following on social media due to her beautiful illustrations of the Dutch Queen Maxima. As soon as the Queen appears somewhere, Linda will be illustrating her outfits and posting them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. She illustrates not only the wardrobe choices of the Dutch Queen but also creations from designers such as Karl Lagerfeld and Kithe Brewster.

ILNI - Augustina by Linda Zoon


How long have you been a graphic designer and who are some of the brands you have worked for?

I have been in this field of work for 35 years and have been fortunate to work with fashion brands and government agencies including the municipality of Rotterdam, FAB Magazine, Vorsten (Royal magazine), Metro (newspaper), Amsterdam Fashion TV and others.

Of course, I also welcome working with private and smaller customers. I am always happy when someone calls into my studio and wants to look around. Just today I was called about an illustration that hangs in my shop window. How nice is that!


What is the biggest challenge in this line of work?

For anyone working as an illustrator, the biggest challenge is to set yourself apart with your own unique style.

For me personally, the biggest challenge was working to acquire international fame with my fashion illustrations and becoming an illustrator for fashion designers (Haute Couture) and stylists. Still on my list is to be officially recognised as the illustrator of the wardrobe of our Dutch Royalty, Queen Maxima.


How do you cope with deadline stress?

Luckily, the higher the pressure, the better I perform. Deadlines have never been a problem for me. In fact, I thrive on the challenge to deliver everything on time while keeping a sharp eye on the quality of my work.


Linda Zoon - giadcurti201722

What qualities do you think one needs to work as an illustrator?

You must be able to listen carefully. Much of our work is about understanding the ideas of client and by listening and interacting back and forward with them bringing their best ideas to life. As an illustrator, we are not the fashion designers; we are an extension of the designer, the ones who can illustrate their ideas. In a way, we translate their designs into beautiful illustrations making their ideas more tangible, like in a fairy tale. A great illustrator can turn clients ideas into visions.



Where do you get your inspiration?

From everywhere, but especially through social media. I follow the great fashion shows and fashion weeks. When I see something that catches my eye, I just have to draw it. It gives me energy and relaxes me. I forget about the world around me and I am like a child again.


What is the strangest or most fun thing you have ever encountered in your job?

I often post my illustrations of what Queen Maxima is wearing via Twitter or Instagram and these get a lot of attention. A Dutch TV show Blauw Bloed (Blue Blood), about the Dutch Royal family noticed these posts and called me about being part of a fashion item on their program. They came to film in my studio for 4 hours one day and created a really nice piece about my work. (I secretly hope they ask me again 😉 ) Video here




How important is social media to your job?

Social media is like my shop window. It is how I promote myself. When I post an illustration of one of the Royal Family members I get a lot of responses. Without social media many of the great experiences I have had would not have happened.


Where do you hope to be in 5 years from now?

I want my studio to be firmly on the map and to be well known as an international illustrator working with some of the larger fashion magazines (Vogue Italia, Harpers Bazaar USA). I hope to continue working for a number of large fashion houses, both domestically and internationally. And of course, I hope to be making illustrations officially for the Dutch Royal Family.


What is your favourite vacation destination?

City: Paris

Country: La Gomera (Canary Islands / Spain)


What are your plans for the weekend?

This weekend I am in The Hague and plan to visit the City Museum. There is a beautiful Art Deco exhibition currently on. I am hoping to get some more inspiration 😉


Linda Zoon


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