Our 8 Most Powerful Post-Holiday Blues Busters

It is that time of year when most of us are suffering from a small dose of post-holiday blues. We have left behind the sunny beaches and lazy days by the pool and are now faced with the reality of being back to work. Ouch! Even if you love your job the effects of that post-holiday slump can be tough. We have put together our list of the best ways to recover from any post-holiday blues you might be feeling.


  1. Set some big audacious goals for the rest of the year


Having a goal that you really want to achieve is the fastest way to set your mind on the future rather than on the holiday that has just finished. We believe in big audacious goals that really excite you! Try making a list of 2 or 3 fabulous things you want to achieve in the coming months and watch those blues fade away.


  1. Find your groove again.


Getting back into the usual routines of life might seem counter-intuitive when you have just got back from an adventure vacation. However, most of us are actually creatures of habit and being back into a routine can help us pass through a period of post-holiday blues much quicker. So unpack that bag, get your grocery list written, and get back to the gym. Whatever, your usual routine is, get back into it with gusto as soon as you arrive home.


  1. Bring back some inspiration from your holiday


Just got back from Spain or Italy? Fabulous! Look up a great paella or risotto recipe to cook and then invite some friends over to share it. Create new memories with the people you love with some post-holiday inspiration.


  1. Get creative with holiday memories.


Find a new way to remember your holiday that is more meaningful and lasting than just posting a few holiday snaps on social media. Why not choose one or two great photos from your trip to be printed and framed. A large canvas, with a photo taken by you, will bring back the feel-good memories of your trip immediately and ensure you have some unique artwork in your home.


  1. Get some easy wins in the first week.


An easy win is basically any task we can quickly and easily mark off our to-do list. In your first week back fill half of your to-do list with easy to do tasks. Make them simple tasks that can be completed quickly and easily and give you the immense satisfaction of ticking off your list of things to do. Getting in some quick easy wins will get you back on a roll much quicker.


  1. Treat yourself


Just because your holiday is over, does not mean you have to stop treating yourself. Plan a mid-week treat to celebrate making it to Wednesday on your first week back. Treat yourself to something special, maybe a meal out, a bunch of flowers, or a new handbag.

  1. Explore More


Part of the fun of holidays is exploring new places and trying new things. We often think this cannot be done where we live, but we beg to differ. Somewhere in your neighbourhood or city is a new café or restaurant waiting for you to try. Or perhaps you prefer to visit a movie theatre and see a new film or explore a park you haven’t visited before. Make an effort to try to bring some of that holiday adventure into your daily life and sweep those post-holiday blues away.


  1. Plan your next trip


If all else fails, get busy planning your next holiday. Even if it is another year away, at least you then have something great to look forward to. Find some inspiration online and make a list of new exciting places to visit and then start making some plans.


We hope our list of blue busters will help you make a speedy recovery from any post-holiday blues and that our ideas help you to blow away any lingering gloominess about being back from holiday.