Seven Etiquette Rules That Will Never Go Out of Fashion

Being classy requires more than just being stylish and confident. It requires an unforgettable charm that comes with knowing how to act with grace in all situations. These seven etiquette rules will ensure you are not just noticed, but that you are remembered.

  1. Manners above moods.

Feeling annoyed or angry is not an excuse to forget your manners. Don’t ever let your mood stop you from being courteous and polite. Nothing is less classy than someone being extremely rude because they are having a bad day. Your mood can change, but manners should always be kept in check.

  1. Thank you notes will never lose their charm

Whether you write a short email or a beautiful hand written thank you note, the act of thanking someone will be remembered. Thank people for meeting with you, for great service or for helping you out in anyway. It is a small gesture that will brighten someone’s day in an unexpected way.

  1. Kindness is grace in action

Treat everyone the way you would like to be treated. This means everyone. Letting kindness lead your actions will allow you to know how to act with grace in every situation. Kindness means thanking someone no matter how small the action was.  Kindness requires we think before speaking. Kindness asks ‘Is it kind?’ and ‘Is it helpful?’ before we complain about a fault. Kindness means saying nice things about other people or choosing not to say anything at all.

  1. Keep your phone out of sight

We live in a connected world, where we never turn off our phones. But, there are times when we need to put these devices out of sight. When you are at dinner, out for coffee with friends, in a meeting or talking with a colleague, keep your phone silent and out of sight. Respect the time and attention of the people you are with and don’t check your phone constantly. Messages can wait. Virtual communication should not interrupt actual engagement.

  1. Don’t engage in online nastiness

Yes, it feels anonymous and safe to call people out online. We can easily get into twitter wars, or Facebook rants with people we don’t even personally know.  Don’t do it.

If you receive a nasty comment online, remember, you don’t actually need to reply. Sometimes no action is the best action, and by far the classiest. Don’t be drawn into mud slinging matches online. Your words are a representation of your mind and heart. Therefore, think before you post words that do not represent either.

  1. Sip your wine

Keeping your head at a social engagement will never go out of fashion. We have all witnessed our boss or colleague turn into a completely different person after a few too many wines. It’s embarrassing for everyone. Easier to sip your wine and enjoy a work or social occasion mostly sober. You get to avoid morning regrets of things said or messages posted. Which leads me to the next rule.

  1. Do not over-share on social media

Especially do not share content if you have had a few wines. What seems funny when you are in a fuzzy stage of drunk will not feel funny in the morning. Also consider what you share online and who is able to view it. Do you really want everyone to know you are in a bad mood or went to visit the doctor? Unless your Facebook page is only visible to your mother and best friend, don’t share that kind of information. Keep your social profiles classy.

In this modern age etiquette is still very appreciated and that is why followers of these 7 rules will always be remembered and their charm will never go out of fashion.