8 Ways To Show Thanks to Our Essential Workers

As the world has abruptly ground to a halt, the only thing keeping us from complete meltdown as a civilisation is the hard work of many essential workers. These amazing people are the ones who are keeping the hospitals operational, answering the phones at help centres, stocking the supermarket shelves, cleaning the sidewalks, processing the test results, producing the masks, delivering the mail, and so many more jobs to keep our society functioning.

These wonderful people are our new heroes; the essential workers who turn up each day to keep the wheels of industry and the cogs of our healthcare system turning smoothly. In this time of crisis, we finally see how essential they are. 

We want to take this moment to send our heartfelt thanks to the essential workers of our world. We have come up with some ways we can all show our appreciation for their efforts.

Say Thank You

We think we can all remember to say an honest thank you next time we pay for our groceries or accept a package from a busy postal worker. We hope we will all take the time also to wish them a great day or ask them how they are doing. With kind words and a smile, we can let them know we are grateful for their time and effort in these challenging times. 

Follow the rules

The most important thing we can do to help out essential workers is to follow the rules. This means reading the health signs posted outside a supermarket or business and following the instructions. Many workers at these companies are in the unenviable situation of having to enforce new rules and regulations on a stressed and scared population. These rules are in place to keep them and us safe. The best we can do is to try to follow these regulations without complaints. This pandemic isn’t fun for anyone, but give a thought to the tired essential worker who must keep asking people to follow the safety guidelines and give them a break. 

Stay at home 

Unless absolutely necessary, please stay at home. The fewer people there are wandering around, the less strain there is on our workers at supermarkets, essential businesses and hospitals. Stay safe at home and let those who must move around to keep the world turning do so without hindrance.  

Make signs

Think of fun ways to use thank you signs to show your appreciation. A big smiley face stuck on your door to thank the postal worker or a happy sign on the side of your garbage bin to thank the workers collecting our garbage can show these workers they are appreciated. Find ways to put little thank you signs and notes everywhere an essential worker might see it. Think of sending cards, letters, or posters to essential businesses in your community which they can post in the break rooms for employees to see.

Support essential workers’ families

If you know an essential worker with children, go out of your way to ask if you can help them out. Offer to cook them a meal or do a grocery shop for them. At least give them a call or send them a short message to let them know you are available to help. 

Give Social Recognition

Don’t forget to share your thanks in messages on social media. Tag local stores, businesses and services who are doing a great job and let them know you appreciate them. 

Some of the trending hashtags you can use are: 





Think outside the box about who are essential workers

Our essential workers are not all visible. While we immediately think of the frontline workers who are doing such a tremendous job, we sometimes overlook the many support workers who are working steadily behind the scenes. Newsweek has published a great list of essential workers who could also use our thanks in this challenging time. 

Show Kindness

During these stressful times, we all must remember the importance of kindness. Now is the time to find every opportunity to perform a random act of kindness for an essential worker. You can share your acts of kindness and inspire others on social media using the hashtag #BeTheKind

From the team at ILNI, we send our most sincere thanks to all essential workers. We want you to know we appreciate you and the job you do to keep our world turning as smoothly as possible. 

“I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks.”

– William Shakespeare

Our Favourite Comfort Food Recipes For Surviving A Lockdown

While we cannot be together around a dinner table, we can connect via food. Here at ILNI, we are sheltering separately in our homes during this pandemic but, as a team, we have enjoyed sharing recipes and indulgences that are giving us some comfort in these crazy times. Sharing food has a way of keeping us connected, and so today we are sharing our favourite lockdown comfort food recipes with you too.

Hummingbird Bakery Carrot Cake

When we need comfort food, we cannot go past this decadent Carrot Cake recipe with cream cheese icing.

Nachos with Homemade ‘Cheese

This Nacho recipe is loaded with all the good stuff that will ensure you don’t feel any guilt at indulging in a second helping!

The Plantpower Way Potato Salad

Potatoes are the ultimate comfort food when in lockdown, and we love this plant power potato salad recipe with olives! 

Griddled Vegetables & Feta with Tabbouleh

Have you ever tried to BBQ feta? This fantastic recipe from Jamie Oliver will make you want to try. Pulling out the BBQ to cook in the garden is a great way to liven up dinner time while under stay at home orders.

Tear and Share Bread with Sun-dried Tomatoes, Black Olives and Mozzarella

We are rediscovering the joy of baking bread while in lockdown, with varying levels of success with our loaves. This easy-to-make, and easy-to-eat tear and share Bread is almost a no-fail recipe that everyone in your household will enjoy.

DoubleTree Signature Chocolate Chip Cookies

To help us all cope with the lockdown and our overwhelming desire to bake comfort food, the DoubleTree Hotel Chain decided to release their famous cookie recipe. This recipe is for the same signature cookie that every guest receives on arrival at one of their hotels, and now we can enjoy them from the comfort of our sofa. Be warned: you will want to eat more than one!

Vegan Chocolate Pots

Because we all know that in lockdown you can never have enough chocolate, we have included our favourite Jamie Oliver recipe for Chocolate pots with lime, vanilla, rum and chilli. Enjoy!

Please stay safe and well during this challenging time.

With kindness from all of us at ILNI.

Nature Takes a Breath, And We Get A New Perspective

Amid a pandemic that is disrupting our world in ways we never imagined possible a few months ago, it is important to focus on any positives. One of the silver-linings of this industry-stopping pandemic is that, while most of the world remains under stay-at-home orders, the planet is getting to take a quick breath. Today the sky is a perfect blue, devoid of the usual white contrails of passing planes and the birds are singing loudly outside the window.

The sudden and dramatic stopping of the majority of industrial activity has resulted in an equally dramatic reduction in pollution levels all over the world. With most of us working from home and many large industries shuttered, the highways are empty of cars, the skies are brighter, and the air quality has improved. This phenomenon is producing incredibly clear skies above cities like Beijing, Mumbai, LA, and Paris. In Italy, one of the hardest-hit nations in this pandemic, the lack of tourists means the gondola-filled canals of Venice are cleaner than they have been in living memory. Locals have also spotted rarely seen fish inhabiting the canals again.

We do not kid ourselves that this pandemic is somehow fixing the climate crisis, but it is at least giving the planet a small break from the impact of the intense human industry we have built up over the last hundred years. Equally important, it is offering us a chance to gain a new perspective on the importance of our health and that of our planet.  One surprising upshot of life under stay-at-home orders is that we are all noticing nature again. People are making the most of any chance to be outside in wide-open spaces where we can walk while keeping a safe social distance. We hear the birds singing more clearly now without the noise of traffic. We have slowed down and started noticing the world around us. The air smells fresher, and the skies are brighter. In the midst of this disaster, we look outside, and we finally see our world.

It is almost as if our planet has been patiently waiting for us to notice it, and this crisis is allowing us the time to stop and smell the roses. We are noticing more of the things that really matter, our health and safety, and those of our loved ones. As we look around our communities, we feel a new care for the health of those living in our towns and cities, and we concern ourselves with our health as a nation and a race.

When this crisis is finally over, we hope that we will remember the days when the skies were bluer, the bird songs louder, and we took the time to notice the blossoms on the trees. As we rebuild from this economic and social shock, it is our chance to reimagine a healthier world and a future where economic decisions are made by also considering the impact on our health and that of our planet.

This virus has given us a shared sense of humanity in facing a common threat. We believe this new-found solidarity can also give us a new perspective on our world’s problems and challenges and how we can work to solve them; together. May we emerge from this crisis with this renewed sense of humanity intact. And, may we move forward with a common goal to protect the future health and well-being of our planet and all who dwell on it.

You may say I’ a dreamer. But I’m not the only one.

– John Lennon