2020 Halfway Mark – Inspiration For Getting Through The Next Half

2020 so far has been a heck of a year. It feels like we have lived through ten lifetimes in the last six months. As we pass the halfway mark of the year 2020, we have put together some of our most popular articles that we hope will offer ideas, inspiration and encouragement for getting through the rest of this year, and whatever it brings with it.

In a World Where You Can Be Anything, Be Kind

At ILNI we firmly believe the saying ‘In a world where you can be anything, be kind’. We all have the potential to be and do anything we set our minds to, so at this 2020 halfway mark let’s start this round-up with an article that reminds us of the importance of kindness. 

Kindness is Contagious – 15 Ways You Can Spread Some Around Today

The best thing about kindness is how contagious it is, how a single random act of kindness to one person can prompt them to go on and make someone else’s day special too. Since we are now all very familiar with outbreaks, we wanted to encourage widespread outbreaks of kindness with 15 ideas to get you infected with the kindness bug and spread it around.

Small Steps Towards Uniting Our Divided Society

We all have the power to make a positive change in this world. In this article, we examine the divided society we live in, where arbitrary divisions between the left and the right have become progressively wider. We discuss how it is time we looked deep into the divisions in our society, and considered where this is all heading, and most importantly, how to stop it. 


Addressing Biases and Creating a Culture of Compassion

 We all know that our actions and reactions should not be based on colour, gender or sexual orientation. But sometimes our own biases can stand in the way of this becoming a reality. We address this issue here. 


We Are Waves Of The Same Sea; We Are In This Pandemic Together

Now, more than ever is the time for the world to be together in solidarity, facing a common foe. In this article we encourage you to take a breath, take care of yourself and your family. Then look out your door to others in your circle who need help.

Staying Socially Connected While Physically Distancing

In this crazy time of lockdowns and social distancing rules, it is vital to do our best to stay connected socially. In this article, we look at ways to make this happen. 

More articles to help us find inspiration and try something new at this 2020 halfway mark:

Culture From Your Couch – 17 Places To Find Inspiration From Home

With all the fashion shows cancelled, and the museums and art galleries closed, how can we still get our fix of culture when we are stuck at home? We came up with 17 great places to help fill that culture void while stuck at home.

Nine Armchair Travel Books To Indulge Your Inner Wanderlust Without Leaving Your Sofa

Dive into the world of armchair travel with our round-up of travel books that are guaranteed to transport you to another world right from the comfort of your living room chair – no travel insurance or face masks needed. 

Adding The Happiness Factor- 11 Ways To Put A Spring Back In Your Step

Our final suggestions is an article with 11 fantastic ways to factor more happiness into your life and put a spring back in your step. For if there is anything that will help us get through the rest of 2020, it is positivity! 

“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.”

 –Aldous Huxley