Manners Maketh the Man or Woman – A Nostalgic Look at Silver Screen Manners

In our opinion, the stars of the Silver screen era embodied the perfect balance of elegance and social grace. The men and women of this classic Hollywood golden age were like the gods and goddesses of style and poise. Watching the interactions of the characters in a classic film makes us nostalgic for a time when men and women were composed, polite and showed respect for each other. Manners were an essential social lubricant and to forget them showed a lack of class. The characters of these movies showed us how to conduct ourselves in the social settings of the era. A high level of politeness, respect and kindness were expressed and expected in all social interactions.

We admire how the men were chivalrous, suave, gracious and debonair, while the women were poised, graceful and dignified with a high level of self-confidence. The interaction between men and women was a pleasure to watch. A gentleman would open a door for a woman. Not because she is helpless or unable, but because he wanted to show her that she is valuable and worthy of respect.

Watching classic movies makes us nostalgic for a time when manners were essential and politeness was the norm in social conduct. Today we seem to have forgotten or discarded many of the manners of that era and in the process, we seem to have forgotten that manners maketh the man or woman regardless of the era.

Silver Screen Manners we wish would be the norm again.

Opening Doors

Back in the day, men weren’t just expected to hold doors for women. They were expected to help them put their coats on, ease them out of their seats, order food for them, and pay for every meal. While it would be excessive to ask for this type of treatment today, we wouldn’t mind seeing more people hold doors open for the people behind them.

Dressing up

People would dress up for many more occasions than we do today. They would dress up to go on a plane, go to the movies, go out for dinner and even to go to the doctor. We are a little nostalgic for the act of making every outing an event by dressing for the occasion. After all, this simple act can make any outing a little more glamorous.

Sitting to talk on the phone

When someone would call a Silver screen character, they would sit and talk due to the limitation of movement caused by a phone cord. They could not walk around being distracted by other things. They certainly couldn’t talk on the phone while shopping or driving in the car. Actually, by being still in one place, they could focus their attention fully on the caller. We wish this was the norm again. Too often we can hear that the person we are talking with is busy multi-tasking and not fully paying attention. It was better when we were forced to sit and listen and stay still. While we cannot hope to bring back a phone cord, we can imagine one is there and sit in a quiet spot to really give our full attention to the caller.

Watching our words.

You never saw the stars of the silver screen swear, well certainly not in public anyway. Their vocabulary was wide enough to not need to pepper every second sentence with a profanity to emphasize a point. Onlookers would gasp if they heard a swear word spoken out loud and would have been highly embarrassed to see two people arguing in public. This golden era level of self-control is one, one cannot help but be nostalgic for.

Minding our Ps and Qs

The art of saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ seems to also be slowly dying. The common courtesy of saying thank you to the shop assistant is often forgotten in the rush to move on. We would love to see a lot more of ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘excuse me’ used in everyday interactions. These little words can really make a difference in our opinion.

Quintessential Hollywood Style

There are so many examples of style, grace and poise in the classic old movies. Here are our picks for three of the best movies for quintessential Hollywood romance, style and grace.

‘Roman Holiday’ with Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn

Joe Bradley plays the most chivalrous reporter ever on film, deciding to be honourable and loyal instead of greedy and two-faced.  When given the chance to kiss and tell the story for glory and fame, he instead follows his heart and falls in love with a princess.

‘An Affair to Remember’ with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr

Nickie Ferrante (Grant), a well-known playboy and painter, meets Terry McKay (Kerr) on an ocean liner. They fall in love with each other despite the fact they are both engaged to other people. They agree to reunite on top of the Empire State Building in six months’ time if they still feel the same. No instant messaging or Facebook stalking was needed in the plot of this classic romance.

‘Spellbound’ with Ingrid Bergman and Gregory Peck.

The ravishing Ingrid Bergman plays Dr. Constance Petersen, a disciplined psychiatrist whose world is thrown in a spin when she takes an interest in her institution’s new chief of staff, Dr. Anthony Edwardes (Gregory Peck). As it turns out, the doctor may not be who he says he is and so begins a whirlwind of tangled identities, psychoanalysis combined with a high risk of falling in love.

Be Inspired

Why not take some time this weekend and revisit some of the classic movies. We hope you too might begin to feel a little nostalgic for a time when style and charm went hand in hand with respect and good manners. And, that you might also be inspired to revive some of these forgotten social interactions. Afterall, who wouldn’t want to enjoy more of that classic Hollywood grace and kindness in their social lives.

“It’s that wonderful old-fashioned idea that others come first and you come second. This was the whole ethic by which I was brought up. Others matter more than you do, so don’t fuss, dear; get on with it.” Audrey Hepburn



Earth Day 2018 – Time to End Plastic Pollution

The 22nd April is Earth Day 2018 when an estimated one billion people around the globe will take action to show support for environmental protection. This day has been an important date for environmental awareness for more than 40 years, with different themes each year. This year the theme is #EndPlasticPollution.

Here at ILNI we care about the environment and want to share some of the ways we think we can make Earth Day 2018 part of the bigger change we want to see in the world.


Get informed

Finding out more about the problems with plastic and the effects it has on our environment is important. We use multiple plastic items daily and throw them away without a lot of thought as to where they end up. This growing pile of waste is something we should all feel concerned about. Plastic waste enters our waterways and it poisons and injures marine life. This plastic also disrupts our hormones, litters our beaches and landscapes, clogs our waterways and overflows our landfills. By learning more about the problem, we can start to be part of the solution.

We can begin by learning more about which plastics we can recycle. The Plastics By the Numbers website is a good resource for finding out more about which plastic is recyclable and which isn’t.


Watch and Learn

There are hundreds of great documentaries and talks about the impact of plastic on our environment. Our pick of two that are worth taking a few minutes to watch are:

What Really Happens to the Plastic You Throw Away

This is a short and easy to watch video that outlines the problem we have with plastic.

Spotlight TEDx Talk: Why I Live a Zero Waste Life

Be challenged and inspired by Lauren Singer telling her personal story about why she decided to live a zero waste life. She includes her ideas on how the use of plastic can be eradicated.

Rethink Our Habits.

Earth Day 2018 is a great chance to rethink some of our plastic habits. Our top three habits to rethink this Earth Day are:


  1. Avoiding the temptation to buy ‘fast fashion’; cheaply made clothes that we wear a few times and then add to the waste pile. A better option is investing in clothes that are made of natural fibres, cotton, linen and wool that will eventually break down in the environment.


  1. Asking yourself ‘do I need it?’ ‘Can I use something else?’ If we can begin to consume only what we really need, we can cut down on the plastic waste. Do you really need to use a straw? How about that disposable coffee cup? And, can you bring your own water rather than buying another plastic bottle full of water?


  1. Reuse More Items. Start with some simple changes like bringing reusable shopping bags to the store instead of using the plastic bags provided, using a reusable water bottle instead of buying plastic ones and throwing them out, and donating old clothes, toys, furniture, or electronics, rather than throwing them away.


Try Something New.

We like the idea of making Earth Day 2018 a catalyst for trying something new and we love these three companies who offer new alternatives for everyday items:


Edible tableware made from wheat bran was a brainwave of Jerzy Wysocki coming from his family’s background in traditional milling. He now produces tableware and cutlery made from natural and edible wheat bran.

Tonggu Jiangqiao Bamboo & Wood Industry Company

Replacing items we use every day with plastic-free alternatives just became easier thanks to this innovative company; they make bamboo computer keyboards as well as phone cases and flash disks among many other items, all made from sustainable bamboo.


This Madrid-based clothing line takes plastic waste collected by 200 fishing boats in the Mediterranean, crushes it into flakes, and then creates polyester fibres – which in turn become fashionable jackets, backpacks, and more.


Take action

There are lots of ways to take action on Earth Day. Here are some of the ideas we came up with.

1. Remove plastic.

If you feel ambitions why not start a beach or river clean up in your local community. Or, on a smaller scale, get some friends together and take a walk with rubbish bags collecting trash as you go

2. Support the work of organizations that are focused on removing plastic from the environment.

Here are three examples of organizations that are putting a lot of effort into counteracting the plastic pollution problem.

The Surfrider Foundation is a community of everyday people who passionately protect our playground – the ocean, waves, and beaches -that provide us so much enjoyment.

5 Gyres Institute engages communities and corporate partners to reduce the plastic pollution around the world through exploration, scientific research, education and action.

Take 3 is an initiative that encourages people to leave the world’s beaches cleaner by taking an extra three pieces of rubbish with them when they leave. #take3forthesea

3. Spread the #EndPlasticPollution message.

Start a conversation with friends and family about reducing plastic in your life.

4. Challenge yourself to try a plastic free day.

Plastic-Free Tuesday: is a website that challenges followers to partake in one day a week with no plastic consumption and no plastic waste.

For one day they strive to avoid buying anything that is made of plastic or contains plastic. So, no bananas wrapped in plastic, no plastic bags, no takeaway coffee in plastic cups, and so on.


This is Just the Beginning

The benefits of #EndPlasticPollution are countless and go far beyond one Earth Day. We all want a healthy planet and it is going to take more than one day to rectify the current health of our world. But, we hope Earth Day 2018 will encourage more of us to think twice about plastic and our planet. Which, we think, is a good step in the right direction.











24 Hours in Hong Kong – The Pearl of the Orient

Famously known as the Pearl of The Orient, Hong Kong is a heady mix of traditional and modern Asian cultures, combined in a loud, bright and intoxicating city that goes all day and night. We love visiting this city that never stops and have gathered together our picks of the best this city has to offer in a 24-hour stopover.

Stay in Style:

The Peninsula Hotel is the classic choice to stay when in Hong Kong. Established in 1928, this Grand Old Lady is still one of the top hotels in this former British Colony. With a helipad on the roof and a tea-time orchestra in the lobby, this hotel gracefully spans the divide between Hong Kong’s regal past and high-paced present. Known as the ‘Grande Dame of the Far East’ the Peninsula combines classical grandeur and timeless grace with modern amenities and exquisite service. Filled with artefacts and antiques you will be reminded of a time when travelling to the Orient was a glamorous adventure. Immaculate attention to detail and luxury rooms which can include a ‘flight-seeing’ helicopter tour of the city make this our pick for your stay in Hong Kong.

Shop In Luxury:

Hong Kong is one of the most exclusive shopping destinations in the world. With most of the world’s most exclusive and premium fashion brands claiming their spot in the best of the city’s luxury malls. Our pick of the best mall in town is the Landmark Mall at the base of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The Landmark houses more than 120 top brands stores including Gucci, Mark Jacobs, PRADA, BVLGARI and Cartier and let’s not forget Hong Kong’s own Vivienne Tam.

If you are looking for something more authentic to the region, the famous Hollywood Road in Soho is where you will find high-quality Chinese antiques. With everything from Ming vases to jade artefacts, these dealers are known for their excellence in sourcing and certifying genuine antiques from China. Our favourites are Oi Ling   for their Chinese terracotta pieces and KY Fine Art who are experts in Chinese art and ink prints.

Indulge in Five Star Cuisine:

Grab a traditional Hong Kong Breakfast or Lunch at Hong Kong’s most famous Dim Sim Restaurant, Tim Ho Wan. Famous for their world-renowned traditional Dim Sim menu, Tim Ho Wan is also known for being the world’s cheapest Michelin star restaurant, after stubbornly refusing to raise their prices despite the accolade. Making this little Dim Sim house one of the busiest little places in town, so get there early if you do not want to be disappointed. We love the steamed shrimp dumplings (ha jiao) that have been steamed with ginger and garlic. And, you cannot leave without trying the fresh Turnip cakes and the deep-fried glutinous rice dumplings (ham siu gok).

For a more sedate dinner in the city, we suggest 8½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana.

Chef Umberto Bombana is known as the best Italian Chef in Asia and his Hong Kong restaurant is the only 3 Michelin Star Italian restaurant outside of Italy. Otto e Mezzo is an unforgettable experience and celebration of Italian lifestyle, art and life’s pleasures where Chef Bombana promises to please using the best ingredients from local and international markets. The regularly changing a-la-Carte ‘Lunch 8 ½’ and ‘Dinner 8 ½’ Menus are filled with fantastic dishes that will delight all.

See The City Sights:

No trip to Hong Kong would be complete without a trip across Victoria Harbour on the retro Star Ferry. A 30-minute ride across the remarkable harbour will land you on Hong Kong Island and at the base of the Peak. Ride the Peak Tram up to the top of the Peak for views out across the Harbour to the stunning skyline of this modern city. The Peak Tram was famously featured in the 1955 movie Soldier of Fortune starring Clark Gable (Clark rendezvoused with Susan Hayward at The Peak just before the film’s closing credits).

As the evening falls on Hong Kong a spectacular harbour-side event begins; The Symphony of Lights. A multimedia light show that sets the harbour ablaze every evening to a soundtrack provided by the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. Iconic buildings on both sides of the Harbour are lit up with thousands of lights, searchlights, LED screens and lasers all working together to make a city-scape symphony. You can see this sight anywhere along the water’s edge and the soundtrack is played from loudspeakers for the 7 minutes of the show. It begins at 8 pm sharp every evening and is well worth pausing to see.

Enjoy the Night:

As night falls on this city don’t think this slows down a beat. The Temple Street Night Markets begin as the sun goes down. Filled with traders selling everything from Chinese tea and treasures to touristic trinkets and knock-off brands, this vibrant and busy marketplace fills with locals and tourists alike coming out to shop while enjoying the live music, and treats from the many street food vendors.

If, after the buzz of the night market, you are still not ready to retire to your hotel, head to Lan Kwai Fong the popular late night street. Bars, clubs and restaurants turn this street into Hong Kong’s party central every night. Enjoy some live music, late night food and cocktails in the humming atmosphere that is Hong Kong after hours; in the city that never stops.